The Boss’s Daughter Audiobook

Audiobook cover of The Boss's Daughter by Jasmine Haynes

A woman who loves to play the field, a man who doesn’t share…

Cassandra Montgomery is an independent, free-thinking, career-minded woman. She’s left the LA rat race behind and returned to her roots in the San Francisco Bay Area to open a fashion boutique featuring her own designs. She’s not out to find Mr. Perfect; she simply enjoys a variety of men who are Mr. Who-cares-if-he’s-perfect-it’s-just-casual. But then Ward Restin walks in on her….

Hitting on the boss’s daughter is always a bad idea, but after discovering Cassandra in a compromising position, Ward can’t get the woman out of his mind. She’s his complete opposite – an extrovert, a tease, and an exhibitionist. She loves men. She loves more than one at a time. She loves freedom. Ward finds himself drawn into the kinky games she plays, watching her with fascination, wanting her….

Then Ward starts to think of her as his woman, and suddenly he wants more from Cassandra than she’s capable of giving. Can he handle a woman who doesn’t want any strings?

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What Readers Are Saying:

Very good

I really enjoyed this story! It is so well written and very very steamy!! It is a book I recommend to… Read more “Very good”

Amazon Reviewer

Jasmine Hayne’s get’s hotter and hotter

I absolutely love Jasmine Haynes books. She write so well about the love and lust one can have even in their forties and up. I absolutely fall in love with her characters every time. This book was hot, it was sexy and it had me wishing I was Cassandra. Jasmine’s female character are always so… Read more “Jasmine Hayne’s get’s hotter and hotter”

Amazon Reviewer

Can Cassandra Surprise Her Father…..

This is a series that now jumps into Holt’s family. We are introduced to the CEO’s daughter! Wow is she ever attractive! As lovely as she may be, she also has a creative mind, both in life and in business. She has come back to her roots in San Francisco. She wants to open up… Read more “Can Cassandra Surprise Her Father…..”

Amazon Reviewer

Yep can relate

you find a lot out about yourself when you Let Go!!You find love in some strange places and it will make you do some will make you explore the dark and light side.this book has it all, sex,sex,sexy,and kinky.Loved… Read more “Yep can relate”

Amazon Reviewer

Great Story !!

Really good book. A little bit kinky for me but liked the storyline and the erotic scenes were unbelievable. Can’t wait for book 4, starting it right… Read more “Great Story !!”

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