Jasmine Hayne’s get’s hotter and hotter

I absolutely love Jasmine Haynes books. She write so well about the love and lust one can have even in their forties and up. I absolutely fall in love with her characters every time. This book was hot, it was sexy and it had me wishing I was Cassandra. Jasmine’s female character are always so strong and know what they want.Cassandra is strong-willed and a character that you at first makes you think how can Jasmine even begin to sell her to us as a romantic heroine. Boy does she. Early on in the book I find myself rooting for her and wanting her to find growth while all along I am rooting for the hero to have his need met as well.What an excellent third book in the series. I went on an emotional roller coaster ride on this one and would do it again and again. This book is a keeper.