Wishing in Rome

very real & good

It was great reading a romance that was true to life about people, middle aged, rather than just young things, and what they’ve got going on in their life. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It was a very enjoyable read.

Really Good!

This is the best romance I’ve read in years! The main characters are both mature adults, acting like mature adults, who are beset with the same angst that most adults struggle with. And I really enjoyed the backdrop of Rome.

Reimagining your life

Dana and Carol are out on their walk and suddenly Carol gets a tremendous headache, she can’t move from the pain, they get her to the hospital on time and after a few days she’s better but then she relapses and dies. Her last wish and direction to Dana is to go to Rome, make…


Even though it was a bit predictable, this book was quite enjoyable. To those who have been to Rome, it brought back beautiful memories. The characters were real and well described.