Take Your Pleasure

Reader beware…Panty melting, breath taking sex takes place in this one. SO HOT!!

I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. It has sexy characters, Lincoln Masters who is a devilishly handsome CEO and Natalie Beaumonde his beautiful, lush assistant. The sex is scorching hot between them, the connection they share is electric. Their first sexual experience is an interesting yet hot menage with Natalie’s bohemian ex…

Purrrrfect Pleasure!

I am a HUGE Jasmine Haynes fan, and her novella Take Your Pleasure had me at page one.Jasmine is one of those writers who quickly pulls you into the plot… stirs up a lot of sensual and emotionally charge action… and leaves all your cravings for erotic romance pleasure satisfied. It was the purrrfect read…

Loved it

Couldn’t put it down. Characters were so real and I loved everyone except Van, because he’s a douche! Sex was hot, and not at all predictable, I like that, someone who doesn’t follow a script! I think I will read more of this author’s books.