“Come into my office, Miss Beaumonde.” *fanning self

It’s not often that an erotic novella surprises me, but this one did.This is erotic. This is explicit. This is BDSM with a touch of M/M. I don’t want to give too much away about the plot. But there IS a plot and it kept me riveted.Normally hardcore erotica–especially BDSM– bores me after a while. I can’t really stay in the story when pages and pages and pages of spanking and dildo-wielding and “Yes, Master. No Master” is happening. But I couldn’t look away from this. I had to see how the scene between Miss Beaumonde, Mr. Masters and Van was going to play out.The dungeon scene was expertly done, the characters were well drawn, and as kinky as it was, I was satisfied with the HFN ending.