Prescott Twins

Another fab read!

This is Kirby’s story. Kirby is a strong, independent, sexy business woman who runs her own cosmetic company and doesn’t have time for dating but she does have time for phone sex with Jack, a sales rep from another company who she has never met. Kirby likes what they have because it is no strings…

Loved it

you find a part of your life in every book that is read. this book hit home for me in so many ways.finding in love in the most unusual of men.what you may think is good for you, is not. what is needed is the complete opposite.they say opposite attracts.. it us true.


Double The Pleasure . A great story about two gorgeous female twins Kristin and Kirby. The first book, Skin Deep is Kirby and Jack’s story and the second book, Double The Pleasure features Kirby’s twin, Kristin and Ross. The books are sensual with lots of sexy scenes, Great characters that are strong and well-developed. Once…


Really liked this book and have moved on to the second one. Love Jasmine Haynes books! In this book the main character finds it easier to act out her fantasies and that of her lovers while pretending to be her twin sister and it definitely gets hot! Typical of Jasmine Haynes books…which is why I…

Fun Read

This book is light and entertaining. The plot is engaging and the characters are likable. The dialogue is well written and there’s enough conflict to keep it interesting. I’m looking forward to more in the series.

Like it

the story was more about a woman’s self esteem.. how loving the right man, can help you love the skin you are in just as yourself.the story line was great, hot scenes and some good ole role playing.on to the next book in series