Naughty After Hours

Loved it!!

This was the first book in this series I read and can stand alone. The story line intrigued me because it was so different. I loved the depth of emotions between Zoe and Spence and the conflict that was involved. My only complaint is that it ended !!

Wow !!

This was a great read. Lots of action and very much a nail biter, loved how the characters found each other and how intense the relationship was. So happy for the ending, true love wins out. The erotic scenes were amazing!!


There’s a moral tale here about what can go wrong when you share your partner with someone else. The story was enjoyable and the sex was pretty hot!! I love this authors series and how one story leads to the next one and so will move onto Book 5 when it is released (soon I…

Hot hot hot

Great story. Loved Rance and Monica’s story. Great BDSM scenes. Hot hot hot. The D/s and power exchanges were well written. Can’t wait to read more stories by Jasmine Haynes.


I thought this was going to take me a little to warm up to as I missed the negotiation of a D/s relationship. In other books it seems to build trust but I can see how letting situations unfold can add to the suspense. I really didn’t want to put this book down. Unlike any…

Yes please

Wow the setup scenes in this book were astounding. The adjectives and verbs used made you feel like you just might be in that room. Only oneish weird couple of pages where they were at a dinner and a few side characters got up from the table and had an altercation and it really went…