Sexy, alluring and enjoyable…a great read!

I enjoy everything by Jasmine Haynes, and this book was no exception. Now this one definitely is lighter on plot and heavier on the sexytimes, but sometimes that is exactly what one wants to read…and Ms. Haynes delivers! Loyal secretary Monica has worked for Rance Sutton for years, fantasizing about what he’s like in bed and dreaming of the day he shows interest. But when she volunteers to be his new submissive, none of her wildest fantasies can match the twisted and delicious scenarios that Rance devises to punish and pleasure her, and before long she’s completely wrapped up in him, body and soul. The problem is that Monica wants more than the pure physical relationship…and it’s not clear whether Rance shares that particular desire.I love that this book has older characters; Rance, for example, is a seasoned and sexy 49. Monica is 38. And they’re both attractive, sexy and fun to read about. It’s refreshing to read a book that allows mature characters to shine and show off. And – let’s face it – I think we’re all tired of th books where a 20-something young man is somehow an expert dom and can read a woman’s every desire.Jasmine Haynes writes real world characters, even when she’s writing fantasy, and that’s one of my favorite things about her writing!