Invitation to Passion

Stacy !!!!

You will love Stacy ‘s story. She & Jud are hot for each other. I have read all 3 of the Invitation books. You will want to go find your own sex club & find your naughty self !!!


If you have read any of Jasmines books, then you know how steamy they can get. Like holy crap!!If you haven’t read any if her books, I suggest you start now.They get hot, then hotter. Then scorching. Oh heck, why am I still typing? I’ve gotta go buy another one! Hopefully after my heart rate…

Oh Wow !!

Okay so book 3 was just as good as # 1 and 2. Loved the characters and the storyline. The erotic scenes were amazing, this series got me never wanting it to end. And talk about getting me getting hot ? (WOW) !!! These were panty soakers, LOL !!

Total Obsession

I love Virginia and Brett! I didn’t think I would like how they evolve but I couldn’t put this book down and ended up reading it twice in a week. I wish I could find someone as giving as Brett in all areas of life. Great character. Great scenarios. loved this book.


I just finished the “Invitation” series and just WOW! They’re so HOTT and yet romantic! My favorite was definitely the 3rd! Invitation to Passion! But the while series is worth the read! Loved it!