Drop Dead Gorgeous

Funny and hot…

Even with the other great reviews on the book, I was a little skeptical because it seemed too long at 370+ pages. However, the book is so well written, the characters so fun, it was a fast read. The lead characters are quirky, lovable, and sexy. The dialog was great, the minor characters were well…

T. Larry and Madison

Madison is a fun-loving young woman who believes she’ll die young. She sees only the good in people, which leaves her open to trouble. Her boss lives by his plans but is attracted her. The trouble that ensues makes for a fun trip, with humor and intrigue along the way. Highly recommended.

Great read!

This book started slow but picked up after the first few chapters. Once I got used to the writing style, I didn’t want to put the book down. I loved the story and the way T. Larry and Madison’s relationship developed. This was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


If you’re looking for an adorable, fast read than this is the book for you. Loved the main characters especially Madison.. very “out there”. I have to admit it was predictable at the end but I liked it so much I didn’t mind. I have read 4 of Jennifer Skully’s books and this is one…

Loved It!

I love Jennifer Skully’s witty, sexy, comical stories. By adding a hint of suspense and entrigue to the love story, she keeps you up half the night reading. Her characters are relateable, real, and quite interesting! I have read all of her books and wish she would publish a few more!

Had to read this book twice

Drop Dead Gorgeous is simply that. Drop dead gorgeous. I loved the book. Madison’s free-spirited and optimistic view of the world really just endears herself to the reader. And of course, T. Lawrence (I never thought I would say this but that’s such a sexy name!), is the perfect foil to her character. He is…


I really loved this book! It is so witty, unique and funny! As I was reading it I was so amused at how cleverly Jennifer slipped in such funny bits and pieces of dialogue. I would read a sentence and it would tickle my funny bone and I would have to go back and re-read…

Great Book!

I loved this book! It was a great love story. And there was also a scary mystery to it. The characters were wonderful. TLarry and Madison, well, who wouldn’t love them? All the characters were fleshed out. There wasn’t a boring page in the book. Get the book. I think you’ll love it, too.