Submitting to the Boss Audiobook

Audiobook cover of Submitting to the Boss by Jasmine Haynes

A Romantic Times Red-Hot Read!

In Revenge (book one in the West Coast Series), Ruby Williams broke a few too many rules. Now she’ll get her comeuppance in Submitting to the Boss.

Ruby completely underestimated her live-in lover. She thought she had him wrapped around her little finger, and she could do anything she wanted without any consequences. Now she’s just another dumped woman bemoaning her fate.

Then her boss, West Coast Manufacturing’s CEO Holt Montgomery, calls her into his office and gives her the punishment she so richly deserves.

Holt is determined to show Ruby the error of her ways with his own special brand of dominance and submission. Her sexuality now belongs to him, and he’ll give her permission as to when, where, how, and with whom she’ll use it. From voyeurism to exhibitionism to more than one man at a time, with a little tying up and a bit of well-deserved spanking, Ruby discovers she likes following a man’s rules, especially those from her sexy boss. But she still won’t let a man have the upper hand.

Can their naughty affair move from just sex with the boss to something more lasting? Or will Ruby learn her lessons a little too late?

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What Readers Are Saying:

Loved Book 2

Loved how Ruby received her punishment, and loved how she found the love of her life. The erotic scenes were great, see… you can have love in the he work place. Ha,Ha… Read more “Loved Book 2”

Amazon Reviewer

Hotwifing has never been hotter

I wasn’t crazy about the heroine of Submitting to the Boss when she was a supporting character in the first book in Jasmine Haynes’s Hotwifing series. That’s not a criticism. She was a total bitch in that book. But I love a follow-up story where I’m allowed into the bitch’s head. I love seeing what… Read more “Hotwifing has never been hotter”

Amazon Reviewer

I love it

I so loved this.the idea of your boss wanting you so much!and there is more… have to get book… Read more “I love it”

Amazon Reviewer

Sexy Holt meets his match in Ruby

I had never heard of hotwifing (a man shares his woman with other men), but this story made it seem sexy & fun. Holt has been Ruby’s boss for a few years and he is ‘punishing’ for her cheating on his friend, Clay. He spanks her to an intense orgasm in a sizzling hot scene.… Read more “Sexy Holt meets his match in Ruby”

Amazon Reviewer

loved it more than the first book

I liked the idea of older characters. Yes, life can still be spicy and naughty at any age. Loved… Read more “loved it more than the first book”

Amazon Reviewer


The reader met Ruby in the first… Read more “BOOK TWO, IS A HOT AND SEXY MUST READ”

Amazon Reviewer

Meet Ruby’s Boss!

Ruby has been kicked out of the house and has been replaced. Will she learn the errors of her last behavior? Will her boss fire her now? Questions abound the workplace, and Ruby reports to work as usual. Holt is treating her differently, but why? This is a must read, as her future with the… Read more “Meet Ruby’s Boss!”

Amazon Reviewer

Sultry and exuberant

Ok love the excitement, sex, sinfulness and finally love in this book. Looking forward to finding more about Jolts… Read more “Sultry and exuberant”

Amazon Reviewer

So sexy!

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. This book is a definite keeper. I am never disappointed when I read a book by Jasmine Haynes. Book two had me at “HELLO”, seriously. From page one I was deep in this book and I didn’t want to put it down even though it… Read more “So sexy!”

Amazon Reviewer

Submitting to the boss

I have to say this book was very wild sex, but I enjoyed the story. I found that i liked Ruby & i think that you will… Read more “Submitting to the boss”

Amazon Reviewer