Sexy Holt meets his match in Ruby

I had never heard of hotwifing (a man shares his woman with other men), but this story made it seem sexy & fun. Holt has been Ruby’s boss for a few years and he is ‘punishing’ for her cheating on his friend, Clay. He spanks her to an intense orgasm in a sizzling hot scene. Works for me. Ruby has been independent and non-exclusive. I love her outspoken, self-confidence. I love that Holt is her alpha male boss, who enjoys creating fun, sexy scenes for them to enjoy. I liked the dynamic of this boss and secretary relationship with some BDSM spicing it up. The characters are more mature (40s- 50s) in age, and the sex is hot for Ruby & Holt, especially the hotwifing scene. This is my favorite of the series.