Sneak Peek! Fair Game Cover!

cover of Fair Game

Congratulations! The winner of a Leigh Wyndfield download is Rita Hogan. Rita, you’re in for a great treat if you haven’t already tried one of Leigh’s books. I’ll be having Leigh get in touch with you for the transfer.

This week as our prize for commenting on the blog, we have Carrie’s Answer from the wonderful duo, Violet Summers. You can check out all their books on their site. I adored the hot, hot Carrie’s Answer and the second in the trilogy, Meredith’s Awakening. I’m saving Daniel’s Surrender as my reward for finishing the first story in my Courtesans trilogy. And don’t miss the Violets’ upcoming Sinful Treats. Originally due out today, it’ll be coming to LiquidSilver in the next couple of weeks. On being a winner, remember, if I don’t hear from you within 24 hours of my posting the winner on the blog, I’ll have to choose another, so be sure to check back next Monday. If you put your email in your blog comment (hint, hint!), then you’re set! Plus you’ll get my newsletter telling you about new releases and contests, and I know you want that!!

I’ve got good news and bad news. First, I got the cover for Fair Game. First there was Faith in The Fortune Hunter, then Trinity in Show and Tell and finally, Josie’s story in Fair Game. And she is a wild one, let me tell you. Fair Game will be a Berkley Heat release, meaning it’s going to be hot, hotter, hottest. I really don’t think I can let Mom read this one! And Berkley has given me a wonderful new cover look. I haven’t posted it on the site yet, so this is the first time you all get to see it. I love it. Now for the bad news. The original release date was April 2009, but I just heard it won’t be out until June 2009. Boohoo.

So, what do you all think of the cover!? If you love it, feel free to say so. If you hate it, feel free to lie and say you love it! I’m all for telling little white lies to save my feelings!

Jasmine and Jennifer Newsletter:

PS I’m preparing you now. The giveaway the week of October 20th will be a download of Dead to the Max, the first book in the Max Starr series. Don’t miss that blog! Because I’ll be giving it to ANYONE who posts (but you MUST leave your email address).


  1. I’m not sure why the picture changed color either. I posted it in my private blog and it’s red. Very strange.

    Anyway, blue or red, I loveloveLOVE it. It’s super HOT!

    And I’m the winner of a Leigh Wyndfield download…WhooHOO!! Thank you. Can hardly wait.

    Carrie’s Answer is smokin’ hot as well, so definitely be sure to leave Jas those e-mail addresses.

  2. So it worked on yours! Can’t figure it out on mine! But I’m so glad you love it, blue or red!

    Congratulations, Rita, on winning a Leigh book! Whoohoo! More great stuff to read.

    And I know you love the Violets’ stuff. They’re great. Maybe one of them will drop by the blog.


  3. I think the cover of your new book is great, red or blue. A book cover that stands out like this one does is bound to get a lot of attention. That is what draws me to new books when I’m at the book store.

  4. Hi Jas, I like the cover and I think blue or red it’s great. Even though the date is moved at least it’s only 2 months. I’ve waited patiently, actually not so patiently for a book in a series for a year and then another delay, I was so annoyed!

    Congrats Rita!

  5. Thanks you guys, so glad you liked it whether it was blue or red.

    And I do hope June is the real date. First it was May, then April, now June. Please don’t change it again!!!!

    And thank you again, Rita. Okay, let me be honest here, I couldn’t figure out how to delete the blue one!!!!

    Your freaky friend,

  6. You’re welcome. As I mentioned, the red one just screams sex and heat and your other avid fans deserve to see the real deal. watch for my e-mail about the other thing. You’re such a nut…that’s why we love you!

  7. Oooo, I lurv the cover! I like the way the red and black blend and the way he’s holding her! Verra HOT!!Violet Summer is a new to me author, so I would REALLY love to read Carrie’s Answer!————–ps LOVE the new blog!

  8. Glad you love the blog and the cover, Kim! And let me tell you, you’re in for a treat with Violet Summers. Very hot!!! I’ve loved everything I’ve read. And now that I’ve finished all my work reading, I’m treating myself to Daniel’s Surrender. Wow! Too hot to handle, caution, caution! Loving it!


  9. I love it! But then my favorite color is red so maybe I’m not being impartial. I like the font choices and styling and layout of them too! Great job!

    I’m always surprised at how naked people are on covers and yet everything that shouldn’t be shown is tactfully hidden. Smoking hot photo!

    Jasmine, they probably thought your book was too hot for April. Good things are worth the wait!

  10. If Fair Game is as HOT as it’s cover, and I know it will be, this is definitely not one for mom to read – but I’m looking forward to it!

    I LOVE Violet Summers! I met the Violet half at RAW and she is so sweet. As I’ve already read Carrie’s Answer (SEXY!), you don’t need to enter me in the contest. I’m really looking forward to reading the next two books in the Worthington Group series though.


  11. Yes, Sue, it is amazing how they can have naked people yet still manage to cover the naughty parts! I’m so glad you like it! And you’re so sweet to say they’re saving it for a HOT summer read!

    The Violets are great, aren’t they! I’m so glad you loved Carrie’s Answer, Katy, because I did, too. And the other two are equally as hot and good. I’m in the middle of Daniel’s Surrender. Smoking hot!!!

    And yes, Fair Game is not my mother’s read! Glad you like the cover.


  12. Oh Jasmine you are tooooooo funny!! Who in the hell wouldn’t like that cover???? I definetly do not have to lie I LOVE IT, it is SIZZLING! Sorry I don’t stop by more often, have a great day.

  13. Wow that cover is hot!! It’s very eye catching and I’m saving it on my computer now. Sorry to say that we haven’t gotten around to mailing out the CD yet. 🙁 but we will get it out this week! Promise!! We like to add a few things to stuff that we send people and it’s taking a little longer than we thought to send it.Thank you for the shirt. I really enjoy it and now I can scan or copy the autographs that I didn’t get. I’m making a scrapbook of the authors and their signatures. And I know that I’ve won something before but I’ve been looking into trying out Violet Summers books so I would like to enter that contest too.

  14. Thanks, Tami, Teresa and Jessica for liking the cover! You’re right, Tami, and who wouldn’t! I really do think Berkley did a wonderful job for me.

    You’re welcome, Jessica, on the shirt! I’m glad you loved it and can actually scan the autographs. And please don’t worry about the CD, I just appreciate your doing it for me and I’m very patient.

    And Violet’s books are great!

    Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


  15. Hi Jasmine,I love the cover. Very eye catching & hot!! On Vilet's Worthington series, they are all great but to me you have saved the best for last. 'Daniels' Surrender' was my favorite!!!Thank you,Susan

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