Grand Canyon

Congratulations to Carrie Booklover1335, you are the winner of Deliciously Wicked by Robyn DeHart. I’ll be contacting you for your snail mail address or you can email me at skully @ skullybuzz dot com. And thanks everyone, for the help on my bio!

Sorry I’m late, everyone. I was overwhelmed by vacation and needed an extra day to get myself in order. And to download my photos so I could post some for you! For this week’s prize, I’ve got another historical, Duke of Sin by Adele Ashworth. I adore Adele’s historicals! So, post a comment, and I’ll enter you in the drawing for Adele’s book (you must type in your email address to be eligible). I’ll also add you to my newsletter for updates on all the fun stuff and releases, too. I’ll announce the winner on the June 1st blog! Good luck!


Okay, Sedona, Arizona. Wow, it’s gorgeous out there! We stayed at a swank timeshare resort (thanks to my sister!!!). And here’s the view from our back patio at sunset. Would have been a tiny bit better without the net (which you can’t see in this photo), but then I might have gotten a golf ball in the head! That almost happened once, the ball whacking the wall about two inches above my forehead. So the net was kinda nice. Okay, I’m geographically challenged, and I didn’t realize Sedona is only a couple of hours south of the Grand Canyon (but I can read road signs). So we took a day trip up there. I haven’t been since I was 12 (which is way too long ago to remember) so I was able to experience that momentous feeling of awe as I stepped out for my first view. And here’s what I saw.

Grand Canyon

Amazing. I know a picture is supposed to be worth a thousand words, but somehow, a photo still doesn’t do the Grand Canyon justice. It’s just too…grand! This last photo is me on top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona. There’s a vortex up there. I’m not exactly sure what a vortex is, something mystical where you’re supposed to feel all these healing powers roll through you. I don’t know if I felt that, but it was awesome and there was a cool wind blowing at the top that just made me feel relaxed and perfect. Note to self, when making a 3.5-hour, 7-mile, 95-degree hike to the top of a huge red rock, wear a hat and carry more than 2 bottles of water. And I know how I’m incorporating Sedona into Hers for the Evening, the second in my “courtesans” books. So look for that next year!

Jennifer on the edge of the canyon

And don’t forget, Fair Game is out on June 2!

Look at that!!!! Pictures now! (for those of you who saw this post the first time without them!)

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  1. I have never been to Sedona, nor to anyplace in that general vicinity out west, not even the Grand Canyon 🙁 Can’t wait to see your pics, and glad you had such a great time!

  2. Holy schnickies, Jas…those pictures are AMAZING!! I love them all. And look at how cute and tiny you are…such a hottie. [grin]

    OMG, that’s right! Fair Game coming out in two weeks! (If you haven’t yet, read the excerpt on Jas’s website…whew!)

    Welcome home!

  3. I enjoyed the pictures. I have never been to Sedona, but I have visited Tucson and I would like to see more of the state. My BF and I are planning a motorcycle trip through the southwest in the fall.

  4. Congrats booklover! Those are some beautiful photos! What beautiful country, you are so lucky to get to go there! The only traveling I do is in books!

  5. Lovely pictures! I went to the Grand Canyon for the first time last year, and pictures just can’t do it justice. I just returned from my first trip to England. As a lover of historical romances, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the settings of many of my favorite novels. London is an amazing city! Jasmine, have you ever visited there?

  6. I only look so tiny, Rita, because that rock was so big! LOL. And thanks for touting Fair Game!

    Mari, a motorcycle trip through the southwest would be wonderful! My husband’s done it and thought it was great. The perfect way to see the sights.

    You’re right, Virginia, I’m lucky to have a family that lets me tag alone to cool places.

    I hope you get to go someday, Estella. It was truly amazing. makes a person see how small we really are comparatively.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip to London, Cheri. How fun! I have been England. My parents are British and all my relatives are over there, so I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times. My husband and I also honeymooned over there and got to see a lot of the countryside, too.

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