RWA National Conference

Terry, Leigh, and Jennifer at RWA National Conference Washington DC

Congratulations to Crystal Broyles! You are the winner of Scandalous by Night by Barbara Pierce. I’ll be contacting you for your snail mail address or you can email me at skully @ skullybuzz dot com. Thanks everyone for checking out my new site!

Next up, I have Jordan Dane’s No One Heard Her Scream. I had the pleasure of meeting Jordan at the conference this past week. What a sweet lady! To be eligible for the drawing, you must type in your email address. I’ll also add you to my newsletter for updates on all the fun stuff and releases, too. I’ll announce the winner on the August 10th blog! Good luck!

Leigh, Terri, and Kathy

As I mentioned in my last blog, I was in Washington DC for the Romance Writers of America’s National Conference. I also did some brainstorming with my critique partners, Leigh Wyndfield and Terri Schaefer, and hung out with Kathy Coatney, my friend I do my daily email page count check with. It was great seeing them! Here’s a picture of them in our room, left to right, Leigh, Terri, and Kathy. We got a lot of work done, too, I swear it!

Terry, Leigh, and Jennifer

The literacy signing was so fun. You can actually find people because everyone’s in alphabetical order. Here’s the 3 musketeers, I’m on the right.

Lucienne Diver

I managed to snap a photo of my agent, Lucienne Diver, when she found a moment between signing copies of her book Vamped.

Terri Schaefer and Jennifer

Here is the highlight of the trip for me. Undone, my story in the anthology Unlaced won the novella category of the National Readers Choice Awards! I was ecstatic, especially since my editor Wendy McCurdy was there, too. I couldn’t have done it without her! It was a special moment as my critique partner and wonderful friend Terri Schaefer was able to present the award to me.

Terri and Kathy laughing

Just for fun, here’s a picture of Terri and Kathy laughing over a naughty text message someone, who shall remain nameless, received at the National Zoo. They were so cute! That’s my photo journal of my trip to RWA in DC!

I’m having a special guest blogger on Monday, August 3rd. My great friend Rosemary Gunn will be telling you about her first book, Open Proposal, from I had the pleasure of reading this sexy novel in its infancy and I know immediately it was a winner. So I hope you’ll all stop by!

Jasmine, Jennifer and JB!


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your moments and your photos. Looks like tons of fun!Thanks also for offering Jordan Dane's book in a contest.Have a great day!

  2. Looked like you enjoyed RWA. I plan to make it someday and thanks for sharing your pics. I would love a chance to win Jordan Dane's book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Oh Jas, it looks like you had SOOO much fun in DC!!! Congratulations on the NRCA for Undone–which is totally HAAAWT for anyone that hasn't read it yet. That's really cool that Terri presented it to you. You ROCK!!

    Thank you for having me as guest blogger next week. I'm incredibly excited about the release of Open Proposal and look forward to chatting with everyone!

  4. Thanks, Estella and Armenia! I'm glad you both enjoyed the photos. And hopefully you will make it to a conference, Armenia. They are fun and informative.

    I'm as excited about the release as you are, Rosemary! Can't wait to have you on the blog. And thanks on my NRCA!

  5. Love the pics. So glad you had a such a great time and thank you for sharing your great experience with us. I would love to win a copy of Ms.Dane's book I have not had the pleasure of reading her work yet.

  6. Hi Jas, Thanks for sharing your pics! It looks and sounds like you had lots of fun. Hopefully it will come to Seattle in the future so I can go to the big book signing.

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