RAW was WOW!!!!

The Girls at RAW - five women in fancy dress, two wearing masks

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As the title says, RAW was fantastic. I met so many readers, and yes, many of them had even read my books! We started on Thursday night with a nice dinner in the restaurant for those who arrived early. I met Jennifer Ray for the first time. She was wonderful, introducing me around. She’s got a review site, http://www.wildonbooks.com/ and she’s been so good to me in her reviews. Jennifer, it was great meeting you! Most people arrived on Saturday, and we had a fun pajama party that night. I was a dancing fool! My husband asked me if I was drunk, but I swear I wasn’t, even if we did get two free drinks every night! Saturday was the book signing for attendees. I got to sit next to Lora Leigh! Thanks for everyone who stopped by and had me sign books for them. I think this is the best signing I’ve ever had!!!! Thank you all, smooches!

Crystal and Jasmine at RAW

And that night, we had the masquerade ball. The costumes were fantastic. Okay, I don’t have a bunch of pictures. As we were driving to the airport at 4:30 a.m. on Thursday, my husband asked me if I’d packed the camera. Hm. Gee, honey, I so wished you’d asked me that BEFORE we left home! The pictures I’m attaching are courtesy of Crystal Adkins. She’s got a great review blog http://bookreviewsbycrystal.blogspot.com/ and that’s how we met on line. Crystal took care of me the whole time at RAW. I couldn’t have made it through without her (because actually I’m an introvert as well as a dancing fool). She hung out with me, took all the pictures I asked her to, and kept me sane. Although she couldn’t stop me from doing that funky chicken dance on Friday night. BTW, I was too tired and sore to dance on Saturday. And also the stockings kept falling down. I’m attaching a couple of photos. Crystal and I are in the top picture, she wore such a cool Vampire Queen costume. And here some wonderful new friends I met at RAW, Lora, Jessica, (me), Crystal, Lauren and Loretta. You guys are great! BTW, Loretta and Lauren came all the way from England!

Crystal helped me out by having my RAW t-shirt and RAW tote bag autographed by all the authors at the signing. So, for this week’s giveaway, let’s have two winners, one for the t-shirt, the other for the tote. I’ll get back to giving away books next week. Post a comment to enter and don’t forget to give me your email!

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  1. Hey you! I loved your blog 🙂 don’t enter me in the contest I just wanted to let you know I posted a bulletin on myspace for ya! It was sooo awesome meeting you! I’m going to have to go and check Lora’s forum to see if any more pics are posted!
    You’re so awesome 🙂

  2. Jennifer, I had such a great time meeting you! It was a real treat that you joined our group for dinner Thursday night… We were all very excited to have you.

    And THANK YOU for the kind comments! 🙂

    I am slowly recovering from the weekend. I think I’m caught up on my sleep now. Maybe… LOL

    But I cannot believe of all the books I didn’t pack it was the hardcover copies I have of THE FORTUNE HUNTER and SHOW AND TELL!!! I will bring them next time, for sure.

  3. Thanks, Jennifer and Crystal! YOu guys made it awesome. I enjoyed myself immensely.

    Congratulations on winning Carolyn’s book, Cathy! I’ll get it mailed off tomorrow. (I have the roto rooter guy here now so I can’t leave). I’m also nursing a cold that I got. Happens every time I go away!!!!

    And thanks Ruby and Teresa for stopping by to enter as well. The signed tote and t-shirt are great! Ooh, I forgot to sign, better go do that!


  4. A video of you dancing would be great, you definetely have to get that up here!! Glad you had such a blast. You should have my email address by now. —————–

  5. Hey Jasmine,
    I’m working on getting the video to you and it was so much fun meeting you!! Mom and I had such a blast spending time with you and Crystal! I feel a little embarrased for wanting to be entered in the giveaway but I didn’t get all of the authors signatures. Wouldn’t you want to keep it for memory purposes?

  6. Hi Jasmine!! It was great meeting you and I had the most memorable lunch with you, Nalini, and my friend Jacki Frank. I’m sure there’s one certain man who was eating at Applebee’s in Huntington who will never forget that weekend. LOL!

  7. Wow sounds like a lot of fun Jas, I go to Crystal’s blog weekly and it’s good to put a face to her blog, the one she has is to the side and these pictures are better. It’s too bad you forgot your camera, that’s so sweet of Crystal to help you through the weekend and give you some pictures. You are so tall or is it just the picture angle? Have a great weekend.

  8. Jessica, it was so great meeting you at RAW! And thanks for working on sending that video! And I’d rather two of you have the shirt and tote. I like the shot glass we got! Oops, what does that say about me!

    Sysan! It was wonderful having lunch with you, Nalini, and Jacki. Our “eavesdropping” friend still provides me with amusement!

    Dena, it was so much fun, and Crystal is great! As for my height, I’m wearing 5 inch heels! I’m only 5’7″ but vampire boots do a lot for you! Next time, I will remember that camera, but people have been sending me pictures so on Monday I’ll put up a few more.

  9. Don’t enter me for the t-shirt or tote since I have both. I just wanted to pop over and say how great it was meeting you at RAW! I love your Jasmine Haynes and Jennifer Skully books, and I’ll have to try JB Skully. FYI, I was the one having my ebook reader cover signed since most of my books are ebooks 🙂


  10. Yes, Katy, I remember signing your e-book reader cover. I do hope you’ll want to try a Max book. And I’ll clue you in, I’m giving away the first Max book on my blog on Oct 20th to everyone who posts (as long as they leave their email). It’s a great way to try Max out.

    Rita, you make me laugh. And my mom is only 4’11 and 1/2, she won’t let me miss that 1/2 inch. I think I might have rounded up and I’m actually only 5’6 and 1/2, but in Accounting you always round up!

    Sorry I missed answering you, Tami. I shudder thinking about watching myself dancing. But it was a lot of fun. I know Jessica is trying to get it to me. But it was a very big file!


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