Old Friends and Good Times!

Rose Lerma, Pamela Britton, Cherry Adair, and Jennifer Skully posing for group photo

Thanks to all of you who stopped by the blog last week and got your download of Dead to the Max. I hope you all enjoy. If you asked for it and didn’t receive it, email me at skully[at]skullybuzz[dot]com, as I did send to all who asked. Heck, it you missed Max last week, feel free to post on the October 20th blog (include your email please) and say “I want Max, I want Max!” I’ll send you a download, too! Everyone gets one! Let’s keep this going!!!!

This week I’ve got a very special offering. The book I’m giving away is Flower of Passion by my great friend Rose Lerma. I love this story. I read it way back in its infancy when Rose and I were in a critique group together. I also read Seducing Annie, another wonderful book. So, you know the rules by now, post a comment along with your email address, and I’ll enter you in the drawing for Rose’s book. I’ll announce the winner next Monday! Now you all must go over to Rose’s Site and read the tag line Flower of Passion. It’s wonderful!

And that’s what this week’s blog is all about, wonderful friends, wonderful critique groups. Rose Lerma, Pamela Britton, Cherry Adair, and I met over 10 years ago and finally had our first signing on October 18th, all now published. See, it can happen, where there’s determination and hard work. It was a long haul with lots of rejection and disappointment, but we all made it! I think our experiences toughened us up, made us more resolved to succeed, no matter what. I’ve attached a couple of photos for your enjoyment.

Now I’m going to have Rose say a word or two.

Rose Lerma, Pamela Britton, Cherry Adair, and Jennifer Skully at a table with drinks

“OMG, Jen, I’m still flying high from our reunion. The 4 of us hadn’t been together since we all moved away from the San Francisco east bay. And the icing on the cake was that we all had published books to sign! You’re so right, determination & hard work paid off, but I’d also add encouragement from your critique partners to that success recipe. Love ya all!”

We’d love to hear about your experiences with a group of friends who stood by you and helped you succeed. Please do share with us.

And for those of you who are writers, the Silicon Valley chapter of RWA is having the Gotcha Contest. Finalists go to editors! Dead to the Max won the Gotcha way back when! You have until November 12th to enter.

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  1. I’m fortunate to have several great friends and one extraordinary best friend. We’ve seen each other through “thick and thin, sick and sin,” [line from Lace (1984)] as only the truest of friends can do.

  2. Friends are sometimes more important than husbands. Not that husbands aren’t great, but then again sometimes, you gotta get stuff off your chest about the husband. Or he’d end up in the woodchipper. See! Good friends don’t let good friends feed their husbands through the woodchipper. Too messy and someone might get caught.

    I’m glad you have such a wonderful support network, Rita!


  3. I have a few close friends that I know I can depend on when I need them. One of them was in my undergraduate math classes as we were both Math majors, and he would not let me turn in my homework unless it was 100% completed, even though it was always close enough to get me an A anyway.

  4. My sister was killed in a horseback riding accident. My friends rallied round me and supported me before and after the memorial service. I think It would have been much harder to deal wit, if not for my friends.

  5. my group of friends stood by me when I decided to enter the work force again after retiring. One told me about the local Personal Care Home and I went and got a job. I love it and apparently they really like me there. I love making them smile or laugh. Friends came up with temporary uniforms/scrubs, etc.

  6. Ye, Karin, friends always want you to be the best you can be. They are the ones who see the greatness within when sometimes we can’t.

    Estella, I’m so sorry about your sister, but so glad to hear you had friends to help you cope.

    I bet they love you at the personal care home, Robyn. Everyone needs to see a smiling face every day!

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I’ll be down visiting my mom (and helping her get ready for the weekend’s church bazaar) but I’ll be back tomorrow to check in!


  7. A woodchipper, Jasmine? lol
    Never thought of it that way but if the tension wasn’t released through special friends–like you–yeah, it could happen. So glad we don’t have one though.


  8. How awesome!!! I have a three critique partners and I’ve met two of them. One of them is in Alabama (you remember Loribelle Hunt? She was at that breakfast with Terri. See I got it right that time) and one of them is in Utah. The third one is in Canada and I haven’t had a chance to meet her in person even though we talk every day on the phone.
    What an awesome group of writers. I’ve read all of you!!! Who knew?
    That’s the one reason I LOVED San Francisco. I got to see so many of the friends I made online.

  9. JJ, where are you in those pictures? Hee.

    When I went through breast cancer in ’98 my friends were very supportive. I was also talking on the phone with a girl I didn’t know who had been through breast cancer and who answered all my questions and helped me considerably.

    Read the tag line for FOP. Sounds like a winner!

    Mel K.

  10. I have two really close friends. We don’t live close to each other anymore, but when we get together it’s like we never were apart. I don’t know what I would do with out them. One question though, what is the “Gotcha Contest”? Is there a web site to go to?

  11. Rose, you know I always threaten my husband with the woodchipper. Although I think that threat is wearing thin by now.

    Yes, I remember loribelle, Jen! It was so nice meeting all of you at RWA. And on line was how I met my two new critique partners, Jenn and Terri. We didn’t meet face-to-face for over a year.

    Mel, I’m so glad you had friends there for you when you went through that frightening time. And I’m glad you’ve made it through! The FOP tag line is priceless, isn’t it!

    Rhonda, just click on the link in the blog that says Gotcha Contest and it will take you to the Silicon Valley RWA site. The Gotcha contest is for the first 15 pages of your manuscript.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by!

  12. I have a lot of great friends also. I have one that I have been friends with since we were 5 years old and we are 50 plus now, that is what I call a long time friend.

    This book sound fabulous.

  13. Friends are wonderful. They brighten your days and comfort you when days aren’t so bright. I made a lot of friends in high school and college. My college friends are scattered everywhere, but we still keep in touch by snail mail. My high school friends are mostly closer. We all get together for an annual reunion and many of us get together in small groups to eat together now and then. Seeing them and keeping up with the changes in their lives is great. If you have never attended your high school reunion, you are missing out on lots of fun. We all age the same number of years. LOL

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