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Unlaced is in stores! It’s really been an honor working with these ladies. In fact, we’re going to do it again with another anthology, too. And to celebrate, we’ve all gotten together to share a few secrets about ourselves. The theme is “firsts” since this is our first anthology together.

Here’s how it works. We’ve each answered four questions and we’ll each post the answers to one of those questions on our individual blogs. So you can trip around to all the blogs, , , and me, and learn fun things about us. Jaci Burton will tell you about our first kisses, I’ll reveal our first dates, learn about our first loves with Joey Hill and our first break-ups with Denise Rossetti.

My question that I asked everyone was about their first date. Here’s what we all had to say.

Jaci I remember my first date all too clearly. I was in high school and it was a blind date that my friend set up for me. The guy was okay looking. Kind of quiet. We went to the movies. I remember his pants were partially unzipped. I so wanted to tell him but I was too embarrassed for him. Heh. And he was a movie talker, which drove me crazy. All during the movie he made comments and these weird little sounds like mumbling escaped his lips. The guy was definitely…odd. And he really didn’t talk ‘to’ me at all. Maybe he was shy, but he was definitely weird. Afterward my friends left and the guy drove me home. He walked me to my front door and waited expectantly…for a kiss I assume. I thanked him for the date and said goodnight. And told him his fly was open.

Jasmine My first date was with David. I was 16 and that’s when my parents allowed me to date. Unfortunately, my first date with David was my last date with him. He was a nice guy, but you know girls want those bad boys (see my answer to the first kiss question on Jaci’s blog!). When my mother invited him in for a bit after the matinee movie (hm, can’t remember the movie now or maybe I don’t want to totally date myself), he wouldn’t leave. We had to invite him to dinner, then dessert, then to watch TV with the family, then the news. Embarrassingly, I finally had to ask him to go home. What did he think, that my mom was going to invite him to spend the night!?

Joey My first date was with my first love (see my blog for description of him/circumstances under which we met). I remember certain portions of that first date so vividly. I’d finished helping my friend with all the moving and babysitting chores, had found something semi-decent to wear (since I’d only brought moving clothes to her house at the beach, that turned out to be a pair of the 80’s style gym shorts and a blousy white shirt tied at my waist – no kidding), and so I went down the steps of the beach stairs in the dark to wait for him, too nervous to wait inside. When he pulled up on a motorcycle (yeah, Jaci!), he didn’t see me at first, and when he did, he gave me this beautiful smile, and reached out to take my hand. On that first date, we probably got something to eat, but what I remember most is he took me on a motorcycle ride on a deserted long road where I could hold onto his waist and drop my head back and feel the ocean wind (and have the thrilling excuse of holding onto him at the same time). We also went for a walk on the beach where he picked me up and carried me through tidal pools (he was over 6 feet, and I was a little over 5 feet). At the end of the night, I’m sure he may have kissed me, but what I remember most about that night was the feeling – think Jasmine may have described it best – a giddy, ethereal, it-doesn’t-get-better-than-this feeling. I was shivery and happy and teary all at once.

Denise My mother thought Gary the Hopeful was taking me to the pictures, but no, first he took me parking, where he taught me how to kiss. I still find it hard to believe how stupid he was if he thought I’d fall for it, but then he took me back to his house–his parents were away–and plied me with red wine. I can still see his beady little eyes gleaming at me. Ah, hope springs eternal. These days, I could probably drink him under the table, but at sixteen, I didn’t like any kind of wine, let alone a rough red. I sipped distastefully, feeling oh-so-bored. On the other hand, I was so naïve, I had no idea I could have been in real trouble. Fortunately, he was a fundamentally decent boy and after a while his face fell, he heaved a sigh that came from his boots and drove me home. Where to add insult to injury, he fell over the empty milk bottles my mother had left out on the steps for the milkman, a clatter that echoed through the whole sleeping suburb. Poor guy.

So, anyone care to share one of their “firsts?”

Let’s add some fun by having some giveaways, too! For everyone who posts on my blog, you’ll be entered into a drawing for an autographed copy of my book Open Invitation. Please leave me your email so that I know how to contact you. I’ll also add you to my mailing list for updates on releases and contests. I’ll choose the winner next Monday, Dec 8th! And check out the new excerpt of Undone, my story in Unlaced!

The other girls will be giving away fun prizes, too, so be sure to check out their blogs and Q&A! Jaci is offering a copy of Holiday Seduction, Joey has Unlaced for you, and Denise is giving away a copy of her Avon anthology, A Red Hot New Year.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. My first date is the same one that was my first kiss and my first break up. My first date was in the 7th grade at the skating rink. I really had it going on you know! Until I hit the rink so we just stood by the big speakers on the bench and kissed like we were used to it!

  2. My first date was with the same boy (jerk) that I had my first breakup with. I had thought he was so wonderful and special until we actually went out a few times. I spent our whole first movie date trying to keep his hands from going up my skirt. Unbelievably, I went out with him several more times. Then he broke up with me for being too “young”. I so don’t miss being a teenager lol.

  3. My first date was a double date at 15, i was very nervous and didnt eat before or on it so when I got home I made myself a sandwich and my dad teased me mercifully

  4. I grew up in a small town and refused to date amybody from there because it would feel like dating a cousin.
    My first date was in college and it wasn’t very nice. He was an ass!

  5. I’m SO glad to hear from people who don’t look back on their teenage years wistfully. I never got that, at all. I was so happy to hit my 20s – of course, I had this great idea that I would magically grow self-confidence and be totally put together as soon as that happened. Took a while to learn that comes with life experience, but somehow it’s easier in your 20s – I felt a lot less self conscious as an adult! And maybe I just became more accepting of being a lifetime dork…lol. Wonderful answers so far…

  6. Mine must not have been that memorable if I really don’t recall it. I’m sure it was with a boyfriend. I live 30 miles from town so I always had to drive into Las Cruces for anything.

  7. My first date was in 8th grade. Don’t tell my parents. I wasn’t supposed to date til I was 16. 😀 His name was Jake. He was in the 7th grade. We went to a movie. The Runaway Bride. His best friend was there with his “date” too. What I remember most was them running up and down the aisle doing sommersaults and stupid things that 7th grade boys do. Totally lame!Victoria

  8. My first real date was not until I was 26. I had already been married and divorced with 2 kids, when I had my first real date. My current husband opened my car door, the door to the restaurant, and gave me the sweetest kiss on my cheek when he dropped me off. I knew he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. It was and still is amazing.

  9. My first date was such a “normal” date, dinner and a movie, but I still remember how magical it felt..we slow danced in the parking lot to music drifting out from a mexican restaurant on the other side. And I still remember how excited I was when we went for a walk along the lake near the movie theater, and he came up behind me, put his arms around me, and rested his chin on my head. It felt like he was made for me *grin*.

  10. My first date was with my next door neighbor’s best friend, who I thought hung the moon. It was miniature golf, then to a really odd makeout location, which was intersting, but I’m soo glad I moved on, it wasn’t my first breakup because I just never went out with him again, lol

  11. My first date (also my first kiss) was to the 7th/8th grade dance. John took me – his dad drove us and picked us up. We went to the gym at school (catholic school 7-12th grade 246 students). Danced a couple of dances to the records player then spent the rest of the time with the girls ( the boys were on the other side of the room talking to each other). I think for a fist date for a really shy and overprotected girl it was just right…

  12. You’re like me, Victoria, no dating till I was 16! And they were so cute. I’m sure the sommersaults were supposed to impress you.

    Kimberly and Eshani, what magical dates! I get goosebumps. And you, too, Kimberley, for 7th grade, I’d say that was great.

    Rhon, isn’t it funny how we think the hung the moon, then we go out with them, and find out…not so much!

    Not to worry, Kris, at least it wasn’t so terrible that you can’t forget it!

    I’m so enjoying reading everyone’s stories!

  13. My first date was the same date I was on when I got my first kiss. I was on what my mom called a group date (meaning it wasn’t him and me alone). He and I were with a couple of friends riding around in my best friend’s car, going to McDonalds for food and stopping by the bowling alley to get in a game. We were just happy to get out of the house after a long week of school. LOL!

  14. I was 16 when I went on my first date with a boy from my youth group. He was 17 and the church Lothario, with a voice like an angel. We went to dinner and a movie and afterward to the lake where he sang an old Stevie Wonder song to me. Lordy, was I impressed! Even when I found out later that he did that alot on his dates, I was still flattered. He made me feel special, and really that’s what a first date should be.

  15. Hi Jasmine: Congratulations on the release of “Unlaced”, mine is ordered and on the way. :)I can’t really remember my first date, but my first head over heels love was with a doctor I worked with in a small hospital in northern Canada. He was a tall handsome Australian and I was just mad for him, butterflies in the stomach and stuttering when asked a question. He however was a real ladies man and alas, not good “boyfriend” material. lolThanks for the contest Jasmine. My email is: ——————Best RegardsLea

  16. Dani, your first date sounds just right, pleasant. And ooh, Tina, he sang to you! You’re right, it doesn’t matter that he sang to other girls, too!

    Lea, thanks so much for getting Unlaced! And your description of the doctor makes my heart pitter-patter, too!

    It’s so fun to remember, even not everythiing was all that great! Still, it’s a good way to say I’m glad I have what I got!

  17. Hmm, my memory seems to be failing me as I really don’t remember my first date. The first real date I remember is going to the prom with my dh. It was a pretty wonderful evening filled with slow dancing, talks, and lots of kisses 🙂

  18. My first date and only date with this particular boy was to a party at a girlfriends house. It was a lot of fun and we all felt so grown up to be having a date, but my date and I were definitely not meant to be a couple…way too different.

  19. My first date was with a boy named Elvis! Hey…I know what you’re thinking!! I’m not that old!! His mother named him after the real one!! LOL He took me to dinner and then to the show! Really nice guy…shouldn’t have broke up with him for the bad boy!

  20. I couldn’t date until I turn sixteen. Michael was my first. We went to his uncle’s house, ordered a pizza and watched TV. He took me home and tried his best to talk me into doing him a favor. Apparently he thought I’d be good with my hands. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and told him to keep using that line and someday he might find a girl dumb enough to fall for it.

  21. My first date was in high school. We went to see “Jurassic Park.” We then had pizza and spent the rest of the day walking around the city.

  22. Elvis, I love it! That certainly makes him memorable. But yes, the bad boy isn’t always the right choice.

    Crystal, roflmao!

    Jurassic Park, that sounds like a fun first date, Jane! I did love that movie. and thanks for the email. It helps in identifying!

  23. My first date was when I was 17, and it was my very first date ever, I was heavy, and I had lost 65 pounds, I went out with the town hunk, and he was my brothers friend. I had a good time but I was so scared that I only would let him kiss me on the check, I never thought he would call me for another date. We dated for acouple weeks but he was to much like a brother, and I had 4 all ready. Carole

  24. LOL! Loved the stories, everyone! My first date… hmm… I think it must have been my senior year, but I can’t remember any details. He was my best friend’s boyfriend’s best friend, so I’m thinking that we probably all went out together… it wasn’t THAT long ago that I ought to be forgetting, but yikes! Can I blame this on the kids, too? 😉

  25. Hmmm…first date would have to be the same as the boy I first kissed. Had not thought of it as a real date at the time. We were good friends and he had broken up with his girlfriend some months back. His fraternity was having a Spring Fling shindig and he asked me to go with him. From all of our previous conversations we knew each other quite well. He used that knowledge to make it a wonderful time for me. Somehow he managed to incorporate my favorite foods, music, drinks, and activities into the situation though I know he wasn’t keen on all of those things that I loved.

  26. Glad you’re up, Denise! Hope you slept well!

    And yes, Fedora, you can blame everything on kids!

    Wow, Lil, a guy who listened to everything you said. That’s a great date!

    4 brothers, Carole! I hear you on not wanting to date the guy who’s too much like them.

  27. I’m with Jasmine on this one – Crystal, that was priceless “good with your hands”. Humph. I wasn’t quite as clever as you (wink) in not falling into those hormonal boys’ traps. Did I mention how glad I am NOT to be a teenager anymore?

    And now I’m curious, Rhon – what was the “odd makeout place”? And Eshani, that’s one of the things we learn when we write romance, that it doesn’t necessarily have to be exotic – sometimes the most romantic things are simple and sweet. And Dani, my mom was always a BIG fan of those “group dates” – wink.

    Sigh…love all the stories. Off to indulge my romantic heart at Denise’s, then off to bed…

  28. Hi Jasmine!
    My first date was also a double date. My friend had a huge crush on a boy and her mom would only let her go out with him if I went along too…smart mom,lol! Anyway, her guy rounded up one of his friends and we went to the drive-in, I think we saw the movie Heathers. My date was actually a nice guy, but very much a jock which wasn’t my type at all back then; I liked skateboarders. Ironically, I ended up marrying a jock, so maybe my first date made a good impression after all.

  29. My first date that my parents let me go out on was my sixteenth birthday. He took me to dinner and we went skating afterwards.

    Same guy from Jaci’s blog 🙂

  30. My first real date was the summer that I was 14…this was a monumental summer for me. I was visiting my family in Iowa and the boy who lived around the block from one of my Grandma’s was sooo cute and he seemed interested in me. This is a relatively small town and everyone knew everyone because I come from a large family and both my parents folks lived in this town. So, my one Grandma was a bit more protective and strict of me…so, this very clever boy called me at my other Grandmas and asked me out. This turned into quite an event. All my aunts were called over and the debate began. Eventually, they decided they had to call my Mom and get her approval. She said yes and off I went on this date. It was so exciting and fun and my aunts still talk about this from time to time.

  31. My first date we went roller skating. There was like seats around the rink and nice corners that you could hide in and kiss. lol Of course, the people watching over the rink, would eventually make you leave the corners. lol

  32. Hi Jasmine, I do have and loved OPEN INVITATION but wanted to answer the fun ‘first’ question of yours!

    My first date was with the first guy I loved, and we had dinner actually at his dad’s bar and restaurant. Don’t laugh, but we had chili! His dad made awesome chili and there was no way out of it and I’m thinking ‘oh this is not a good idea’ but he said it wouldn’t be a date without his dad’s chili and it was fab!!! And alot of talk and laughter. And a walk hand and hand home on a hot summer night too!

  33. Those were some great first date stories.

    My first date happened two weeks after I turned 19. I was at my work study job and this guy I kinda liked and his roommate came in to work as well. There some new movies coming out that weekend and I was just asking them both if they were planning to see any of them. Well, the roommate somehow twisted the conversation and convinced the boy that he and I should go to the movie together. I said sure and we set it for that Saturday after I got off of work.

    So, the day actually rolled around and I drove down to his apartment after work. The whole way to the movie theater he kept telling me how he hoped we wouldn’t run into an ex of his that may possibly still be working at the theater. Then, we each bought our own tickets to a movie I can’t remember and sat through I movie I didn’t want to see. At the end of the movie, he wanted to wait through the credits so he wouldn’t get stuck in the crowd. While we were sitting waiting, someone touched my shoulder. It turned out to be a guy I had like when I was in high school, who was there with his girlfriend (who is now his wife). The guy I was with knew about the guy from high school and it felt like sweet poetic justice that he stopped by to talk to me after the guy I was with had spent the whole time telling me about his ex.

  34. My first date was with this guy named Paul. I remember us going to the movies and then eating at some fast food place afterwards. It was a very nice first date with that tentative kiss at the end. Unfortunately he later showed me his true colors and turned out to be the worst scum. It just shows how assuming about a person from first impressions is not always the best.

  35. My first date was my freshman year of HS's Homecoming dance. I went with a boy who was a senoir and we doubled with another couple who I did not know. It was an extremely long night as we really had nothing in common and he & I were both kind of shy. We did not go out again!

  36. Oh my God, I went to sleep and the stories exploded! I also went out this morning to do a radio interview at my local station. I was so nervous, but it turned out great! The host mentioned my book signings 3 times!

    Heathers! I saw that with my hubby, too, Cheryl!

    Greta, seems like 16 is that magic number for our parents to let us date!

    Lori, I love the council of aunts to decide!

    I think someone else was kissing in the corner of the skating rink, too, Amy! What fun.

    Dale, I love that your hubby of 45 years was your first date, what romance!

    Caffey, that’s a wonderful chili story. Very memorable. And thank you so much for loving Open Invitation.

    Karin, that is justice that your ex was the one who showed up!

    Ah, Kim, are the elementary school love at first sights the greatest! You know I still think I have a pin my elementary school boyfriend gave me.

    i agree, Lady Vampire, sometimes those first impressions can be wrong. I’ve had it happen the opposite, where I think a person is totally someone I wouldn’t like, and turns out they were great!

    Laurie, I feel your pain of being with a date you have nothing in common with. Those long, awful silences!

    Oh god, I have to laugh at your whole face being wet, tiramisu!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  37. My first date was with my first love and it was a 4H dance in sixth grade. We had went to a nearby city and college for it. *sigh* we slow-danced all night.


  38. OMG, Jennifer! This blog marathon is amazing!

    My first date probably involved Roger (hubby of nearly 23 years), though I have no idea when it may have officially taken place. He’s been in my life forever so I guess the early memories all blend together.

  39. Hi Jas, Thanks for sharing your first date and the others. My first date I went to a concert at local place called Natasha’s where local bands played. It was so much fun and exciting he picked me up on a motorcycle.

  40. Hello Jasmine

    I was 15 and he took me to the SweetHeart Banquet at our church. I wore a floor-length baby blue dress that my mom made. He wore a baby blue tux.

  41. my first date was a blinde date..the person was a druggie. ohh double date too. the other girl fell down and was bleeding but wanted to keep on the date…i just wanted to go home told them i had a 9 pm curfu to get them to take me home

  42. I don’t know if what I did is really a first date because we always went out as a group. I think at 16/17 I went on double dates but nothing really stands out. We went to movies, fast food places and just drove up and down the main drag.

  43. my first date was with a guy who doted on me; he made sure I had a hamburger and Root Beer at the local A&W and he bought this huge box of Black Licorice Babies and we ate them and drove around town and drove around the A&W as many others did. I guess it was 'cool' to be seen there.

  44. I well remember my first date. I had met the boy at church and I didn’t learn until much later that he and his best friend had debated about which one would ask me out. They both were not sure that my parents would even let me go out alone with a boy. Since one of the two friends knew both of my parents very well,they decided he was the one to “test the waters.” I went out with him one weekend to a movie and the next weekend his friend asked me out to a movie. He proved to be the one who most wanted to date me in the first place. The guy who took me out the second weekend is now my husband, although we didn’t wed until years after that first date and I had graduated from college. The guy who asked me out the first weekend was a groomsman in our wedding and we remain very close friends with him and his wife.

  45. The A&W was the cool place, Robyn! I remember. Gosh, do they even have them anymore?

    I'm with Rita, Gladys, your story made my heart flutter, too. I think it's cool they both tried, but you ended up marrying one and both of you remained friends with him. Love it!

    Thanks for the email, Kim!

  46. It wasn’t very memorable, but my first date was with a boy I worked with. He took me to dinner where we spent more time tongue tied than talking, but we went ice skating. I’d never skated before so can we say, clumsy! Got a peck on the cheek and no call back on that one.

  47. My first “date” was in 7th grade with a sweet fellow named Michael. His dad drove us to a school dance with my sister and her date. Not real exciting -that’s about all I remember even though I liked Michael. We moved from PA to FL the end of that school year.

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