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Happy March! How the time keeps flying! Thanks so much to Em Petrova for being with us last week!

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This month, Berkley is releasing another e-special for me. This time it’s La Petite Mort which readers were first introduced to as part the Laced with Desire anthology back in 2010. What I love about this story is that I brought back one of my favorite characters from one of my Courtesan’s Tales, Simon Foster. He’s older, but very sexy and hunky. I paired him with Ford Connelly, the hero of La Petite Mort, to give Sophia the best night of her life. Yes, they have a hot and sizzling threesome (MFM, not MMF, just to clarify), but there’s so much more to the story, the tender way Ford takes care of his delicate Sophia. If you haven’t read it, here’s your chance to try it in a stand-alone e-special. Here’s a blurb and an excerpt to whet your appetite:

Sophia, a gorgeous cosmetics executive and former supermodel, may appear to live a charmed life but now she’s seeing it for what it was: She’d never married, never had children, and above all, had never fallen in love. The time has come for Sophia to live, to do the things she’s always wanted—including fulfilling a no-holds-barred sexual fantasy that has occupied her lonely nights.

Sophia wants to be worshipped in bed by two men devoted to every sensuous curve of her body. Her boss Ford is only too happy to oblige—a man who has always wanted to please Sophia in any way she wanted. And he has a handsome and willing friend to join them. Together they’re making Sophia’s fantasy a reality. But are they up to giving Sophia everything she’s been denied?

La Petite Mort By Jasmine Haynes

The woman would make him nuts before he finally decided on what he’d have her wear. Sophia had the longest legs, all silky smooth. He was dying to worship every inch with his tongue. She’d definitely wear the stockings. But the tight white skirt wouldn’t do. Black perhaps, the first one she’d tried on.

“I think I’ve found what you described, sir.”

Like a matador teasing a ranting bull, the saleslady flashed the latest article of clothing. Ford tore his gaze from Sophia’s tasty show to finger the red satin. Oh, yeah. This was exactly what he wanted. “Thank you.”

“Put the first black skirt on again,” he called to Sophia as the clerk backed out of the small salon, leaving them alone.

“I thought you said that didn’t show enough leg.”

“I’ve changed my mind. We should unveil you.”

She stuck her head out the curtain. “Unveil me?”

“Like a present a man gets to unwrap.”

She laughed. He loved the sound. He’d gotten her to laugh a lot today. He didn’t think she’d given more than two thoughts to Monday’s operation. But he also needed Sophia’s pleasure. It made him hot and hard to think of how pleased she’d be as Simon admired each new luscious bit of skin she revealed, her beauty reflected in his gaze.

When she pushed the curtain aside, she wore the skirt, the naughty stockings, and a white sequined blouse, her black bra beneath.

“In front of the mirror,” he ordered. When it came to dressing and undressing, the woman knew how to take orders.

He took up his favorite position, right behind her. He wanted this tomorrow night, a mirror, and her sweet ass in front of him. He’d bend her over, watch his cock slide deep into her pussy. Then he’d sit back as Simon gave her the same, the sight a bigger bonus than even the mirror could offer. Ford needed to see the pleasure blossom on her face.

But he was letting himself get distracted. Pressing his cock along the crease of her ass, he started undoing the blouse’s buttons.

“I could have done that myself,” she said wryly.

“It’s better this way.” He parted the lapels, the heat of her skin warming his fingers. She had such beautiful lush breasts, he wanted to bury his cock between them.

He wanted to see them.

Pulling the sequined blouse down her arms, he tossed it aside. His mouth dried up. He could worship at this woman’s feet. Her curves were real, beckoning, irresistible. Yet he resisted touching any of her erogenous zones. Certain things needed to be saved for tomorrow night. Like the first taste of nipple in his mouth. The first lush kiss. The first drop from her pussy on his tongue.

He deftly popped the front clasp of her bra, then held it closed a moment, teasing himself.

“I could have done that, too,” she whispered.

Her hair teased his cheek, her eyes dark, sultry, and knowing. She could own him in that moment, and she knew it.

He didn’t give a damn.

Slowly, revealing inch by inch. Areolas the size of quarters, dusky rose, tight, long nipples. He wanted to touch, taste, need driving him crazy.

“That woman could come back. She could bring someone.” Yet Sophia didn’t stop him.

He dragged the straps down her arms, the lace falling from his fingers. He drank in the sight of those perfect globes, high and pert as if she exercised every day.

He wanted his cock between those magnificent breasts, the crown popping up between them. He hadn’t even begun to imagine all the things he wanted from her.

Instead of taking, he wrapped the red satin around her midriff.

“It’s a corset,” she murmured, fingers tracing the black lace edging.

“It’s perfect to highlight your gorgeous breasts.”

It would drive him to the brink of insanity watching her as they ate dinner tomorrow night. Watching Simon want her, salivate over her. Knowing what was to come.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. You can find La Petite Mort for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBookstore


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