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Nikki Prince

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Last week I had a great interview with Nikki Prince. And this week she’s back to give us a titillating excerpt of Hot for the Teacher which she cowrote with Bella Rosso. Here’s what she had to say about the story in her interview:

“I co-wrote an Interracial Cougar Erotic Romance (novella length) with my bestie Bella Rosso, called Hot For The Teacher. We both have always wanted to write and we’ve been role-playing (writing) together since 2006. We had been saying for a long while we should write an actual book together. So we did. Hot For The Teacher is not actually our first try. But it is the one that we had perfected enough to send in to see if we could get a contract. It is now in edits because it got picked up by Keith Publishing for publication! So a release date will be coming soon once our edits are done.”

Here’s a little introduction to Hot for the Teacher:

Divorced and gun-shy, Professor Dyani Delacroix resists the advances of her SEXY college student Caleb Tegner. After four years of classes with him, she doesn’t expect Caleb to declare her the woman he desires, or to rock her senseless on her desk during office hours. Despite all their barriers, Caleb’s tenacity and charm prove to be stronger than Dyani’s will, leaving her wondering if he’s the one to show her the path back to love.

Hot for the Teacher

Copyright 2012 Nikki Prince & Bella Rosso Excerpt

“Hello, Professor Delacroix.” He purred the words; she shivered as her name rolled over his tongue. She swallowed, watching as he closed the door behind him and found a seat in front of her desk.

“Hello Caleb.” She tried to ignore the sound he emitted. The noise he had made could not be resonating with sensual purpose. It had to be a figment of her imagination. Yet, even that figment made her shift as she felt the wetness seep between her thighs just from looking at him. She cleared her throat and tried to give an appearance of being more comfortable than she really felt, then continued. “So tell me, what’s happening as of late that you’re failing?”

He leaned back in his chair and looked at her through slitted eyes with a lazy smile. “My attention has been set on other things.” She heard the emphasis he placed on other things.

“Other things?” A slender brow rose and she looked up at him. She was trying not to focus on how much she wanted to taste that lazy smile. How she loved the goatee and how wickedly long his hair was. How she watched him in class and lusted after his young body. Many nights going home to masturbate to his image, and then later feeling ashamed. Only to be unable to fight that same need the next time she saw him. It was a delicious, yet vicious circle she was entangled in.

“Mmmm, yes…other things…” Once again he placed importance on those two words. His eyes slowly drank her in, resting a moment on her cleavage hinted at under her loosened blouse. He licked his lower lip as if he would love to lick a slow line between them. Her breath caught, and she swallowed as she tried to slow her breathing, to appear normal to him, hell, to herself.

“You do realize that you are close to failing? I find it puzzling. Especially seeing as you have been my top student.”

He chuckled. “I hadn’t intended on failing, but you are a hard woman to catch the attention of.”

“Why on earth would you want to capture my attention, Caleb?”

His eyes slid back up to her face, their eyes locking. “Because you have captured mine.” He said softly, his words laden with lust and want.

She stood quickly, her eyes widening. “Caleb…” His name caught in her throat and came out as a croak as she shook her head, attempting to clear it of the lust that was slowly infiltrating it. Her bottom lip trembled. This was her dream. To hear him say he wanted her and to be able to reach out and touch him like she wished. But no. She couldn’t.

He stood with her and moved in front of her, close, but not touching her. “Yes, Prof?” he said. His voice was full of warmth as he stared deep in her eyes and gave a gentle smile.


Thanks for the intriguing excerpt, Nikki. I can’t wait to read the book! Thanks so much for joining me in on the blog!


  1. Aww thanks so very much Jasmine for having me here again!

    Rosemary I appreciate you stopping by and most especially on your birthday. Happy, Happy Birthday to you and so glad you loved the excerpt!

  2. W Lynn and Maria thank you. Thrilled that you tow loved the excerpt. This book was so much fun to write! I will be screaming the release date from the rooftops when it's known.

    Jasmine I can't thank you enough for the platform! You're a blessing.

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