Happy New Year with Glee!


Okay, I heard about Glee when it first came out, and I thought it sounded so…dumb. A glee club? How…high school. But then I started hearing great things about the show. And I was still dubious. But finally, just because I love musicals (I got The Sound of Music on Blu-Ray for Christmas!!!), I thought what the heck, I’ll get the first disk from Netflix. Oh my God! I was hooked from the first episode. Sue, coach of the cheerleaders, is hilarious. But what really had me hooked was the Glee Club’s performance of the Journey song “Don’t Stop Believing” at the end of the first episode. It just made me want to dance along! Don’t tell anyone, but I did! In the morning after my husband left for work so no one would see me! But it was also because I loved all those Journey songs way back when. It just brought back wonderful memories. So I got the whole first season of Glee! And it was so fun. I loved “Bohemian Rhapsody.” And “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” Gosh, I’d forgotten that song! There were just so many old songs I love. They did some new stuff, too, including some Rap stuff that’s not really too my taste. But I’ve got eclectic tastes so I could handle it. There were so many I remember! They even did “Over the Rainbow!” Of course, no one can do it like Judy Garland, but it was still fun. The storylines are high school, but fun because of the added archetypes like Emma, the guidance counselor who has a germ phobia. So I’ve to Season 2 in my Netflix queue. I wonder if this means the comeback of the old musicals.

So what are your favorite old songs? And if you’ve watched Glee, what did you think?

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  1. I just can't get into Glee, it's just not my type of show. I really don't care for old songs, I'm more into modern or classical music. I know there are a lot of people tuning into Glee every week, but I'm just not one of them.

  2. I don't watch Glee, but have plenty of "old" songs I love. [grin]

    The Trolley Song (Pied Pipers version)
    Any Way You Want It by Journey
    Hot-Blooded by Foreigner
    Centerfold by J Geils Band
    Telephone Call by George Jones
    One Tin Soldier by Coven

  3. My husband would agree with you, Linda. he couldn't get into the show either.

    Reading is great, Estella! I believe I watch too much TV (or rather Netflix!)

    Oh, Jane, yes, I loved Endless Love!

    Great songs, Rosemary! I love One Tin Soldier! I recently watched Billie Jack again, movie, hmm, not so much on the acting department, but I loved that song!

  4. Happy New Year Jasmine! I have never watched Glee, just not my kind of show. Everyone says its good but I don't get into Musicals that much. May have to check it out sometime.

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