From Parts to Cobra!

happy driver

My husband’s AC Roadster is finally ready! It’s been a long haul building this kit car, but it was well worth the wait. Besides he had tons of fun.

The parts arrived on November 2, 2010. Here’s the Cobra in boxes! The engine and transmission will be purchased separately at a later date.


The body still on the truck. It’s fiberglass and comes prefabbed from the factory. His Cobra is on the top. Red is not the final color. It will have to be painted after everything is assembled.

stacked car bodies

Work is progressing! We’ve got an engine!


The body can finally be put on the frame! My sister gets her first test drive! There’s still work to be done (see, no headlights, no trim, no windshield or mirrors or roll bar!) and the Cobra needs a paint job.

test driving the cobra

And here she is, licensed, insured, and ready to roll. What a beauty!

driving the roadster

Doesn’t he look as happy as a pig in…a beautiful AC Roadster!

close up of happy driver

See any similarities?

child driving a toy car

And I’m ready to race!

happy driver

It took two and a half years, but it kept him busy out in the garage. He probably could have finished it a lot faster if I didn’t keep a rein on the purse strings!

Laguna Seca Raceway here we come!

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