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Okay, shameless self-promotion, which I can do because it’s my blog! Fair Game is out tomorrow! And I just got my author copies on Saturday. It’s got such a sexy red cover and my name is really big on the spine, too! Stands out on the shelf whether it’s face out or spine out. Fair Game is Josie’s story. She’s Faith’s cousin from The Fortune Hunter and Show and Tell. And her hero is Kyle Perry. They have some very sexy times together. Though I don’t profess to be writing literary material, I do try to provide more than just a bunch of hot sex. In Josie’s story, I bring out a couple of issues I’ve faced in my working career. First is the life-threatening illness of a coworker, how you deal with it. And second is the Peter Principle. This is a business principle I learned about in college which basically states that people are promoted to the level of their incompetency. Meaning that you’re really good at this job, so they promote you to that job, and suddenly, you’re not so great anymore. And yes, I experienced that, too. Being a good Cost Accounting Manager did not mean I was going to be a great Director of Materials. Thank God I realized that before my bosses did. So give Fair Game a chance and see how Josie handles these issues, including how she mixes business with pleasure–that naughty girl–and the delectable Kyle Perry.

I’d love to hear about any of your difficult work experiences you’d like to share.

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  1. Hi Jasmine,Congrats on the release of this book. I agree, the cover is fantastic!I don’t have any personal work horror stories, because in my work experience my superiors have always urged me into promotions, but then I find out that they were right and I was good at the new job. I guess I just adapt to new situations better than I think I can. May also be the fact that I hate to look incompetant so I do whatever it takes to learn what I need to in order to to be a success…that and I have had a really good support system with my bosses. They believe in me and want me to succeed so they give me the necessary resources.That being said I do have some friends who were deliberately setup to fail in new positions, and also know some people who were promoted into positions they were in no way qualified for, weren’t really good at, but are still employed. The business world can be a scary place sometime, especially in this economy! I can’t wait to read this story to find out what happens.

  2. You are right, Carrie, the business arena can be a very scary place in this environment. My husband told me recently that the way they let you know you’ve been laid off at his work is that you try to sign onto your computer and your access is denied. I think that’s unconscionable. But I’m so glad you’re safe and doing well.

  3. I work in Hell and have already shared all the grisly details with you. [grin] As I have also mentioned, I've recently acquired an ability to leave it all at the time clock when I punch out. So far, so good on that. The power-hungry boss could get a comeuppance in a future book though. Like Woody the cowboy says to Psycho Sid in Toy Story: We toys [or in my case, lowly grunts] can see EVERYTHING…so play nice!! [evil laugh]

  4. Congrats on your new release! I loved Show and Tell, can't wait to read Fair Game.My most difficult work experience was when I was in Iceland one summer working for a guy who couldn't speak any English. I definitively got a lot of use out of the Icelandic – English dictionary that I brought with me 🙂

  5. Congrats on Fair Game, Jasmine! (I just won it as part of your Brenda contribution–can't wait!!)As for difficult work experiences, for me it's been all about the people–co-workers and when in retail, customers. When they are good, work is generally good. When they're uh, difficult, work can be unbearable. And the Peter Principle is completely true–too bad more people don't recognize it and stop promoting people who really shouldn't be in charge of stuff (no offense intended!)Take care!

  6. Thank you, Virginia. And if you are looking for a job, I wish you good luck!

    Thanks, Marie, I'm so glad you enjoyed Show and Tell and hope you have fun with Fair Game. Ooh, trying to figure out Icelandic, it's like ancient Norwegian! I feel for you! But what an experience living in Iceland.

    Oh my God, Fedora, you're my auction winner!!! Thank you so much for supporting a great cause. Brenda does a wonderful job putting that together for juvenile diabetes research. And no offense taken regarding your Peter principle comment. I did recognize that I wasn't made for that job, and in fact, I determined right then that I wanted to be an individual contributor, not a manager, and I was quite successful with my jobs after that. You're right, it's so about the people!

    Thanks for all the good wishes everyone!

  7. Actually, Jasmine, I was rushing when I commented initially, but meant to add that I'm also one of those worker bees who was promoted by virtue of seniority at one point. I MUCH prefer being a worker bee and completely admire and respect those who do have the gift of leading a group. And I think some of those skills can be taught, but I don't have much of an interest at the moment in developing them 😉

    And I'm excited that all of you generous authors made it so easy to participate in supporting Brenda's auction! Woohoo!

  8. Hi Jasmine, just ordered Fair Game and can't wait to read Josie's story.

    As for work stories, I was always so much happier as a worker bee, but my bosses kept dangling promotions in front of me, so I finally took one. The stress and responsibility of the position spilled over into my home life, and just wasn't worth it. So it was back to worker bee mode for me.

  9. We authors donate to the auction, Fedora, but people like you really make it happen! So thank you.

    And as you both say, Fedora and Cathie, I much prefer worker bee status. Hah, we called that "individual contributor." You have much more control. As a manager, you're only as good as you can get your workers to be. Some are motivated and some are not.

    I really hope you like Fair Game, Cathie. Thank you!

  10. I had a boss who used to bring is daughter's homework for me to type up, and he used to insist that I sit at his computer to type his emails (if they were to anyone important) so he could dictate them. I moved to the other side of the country and now have a very supportive boss, who is the same age as my son.

  11. Hi Jasmine! I have Fair Game and it's next in the TBR pile – I just love this series of books! I don't have any bad work experiences. I'm a branch librarian in my small town and basically work alone, but my bosses and the rest of the staff are great! Good luck with the book.

  12. Hi! Jasmine
    Well, I picked up Fair Game and WOW!!! Talk about HOT! Loved it. Did not put it down. Love this series. Can't wait for your next novel.
    Take Care

  13. My first job after college was as an RN. It's quite different going from a student's experience to the real thing. Over time, I did eventually end up working in an ICU. It's quite a bit different than floor/ward work. I was lucky that ihad a great head nurse to ease the transition.

  14. Hi Jas, I've been in and out of the hospital so I haven't been able to get online that much. So I've not been able to come by forever but wanted to say hi and tell you I seen your book at Rhapsody and am waiting for it, trying to be patient, lol. I hope it has tons of sales.

  15. Unbelievable, Barbara! He had you type his son's homework! I'm very glad to hear you have a supportive boss now.

    Thank you so much, Martha! I really hope you enjoy Fair Game! And it's wonderful to have a job you love with people you enjoy working for and with. I believe good people can make a bad job bearable and terrible coworkers can make a dream job horrible.

    Oh Terra, thank you so much! I am so glad you loved Fair Game and couldn't put it down. That means so much to me for you to say that! And Yours for the Night will be out November 3rd!

    My sister is an RN, Laurie, and she did 20 years in ICU. It was very rewarding for her, but eventually she needed to do something different. I truly admire nurses and all they do. Sometimes we need them more than we need the doctor! So all my best to you!

    Thanks everyone!!!

  16. Having a disability I work for with the occupational development center.My job is to cook for Thursday lunch for the community support program. Part of my job is to buy grocery's for said lunch. My hell is a commissioner who has a fit when I shop for grocery's. I cook for around 25 to 35 people. I spend around 35 to 75 dollars a week. If he can do a better job at it he's welcome to it and take the crap for everyone else.Tanks for letting me vent.

  17. Read "The Fortune Hunter" a few months ago, just finished "Show & Tell" and I was checking what your next book…and imagine my surprise!! How awesome is my timing?? I'll def. be checking out "Fair Game!!"

    As for personal work horror stories…The only thing that comes to mind is one thing that happened this week. I work in a library and as I was doing a program for some second graders in summer school, one little boy raised his hand and asked "Where are the books about assasins?" I told him we had some but wasn't sure where they were at the moment…but sure enough, at the end of the program he was tugging on my hand wanting gun books then. What in the world are these kids up to???

    CONGRATULATIONS on the new book!!

  18. I say you're doing a bang-up job, Snulfers. That's not a lot of money for that many people! Maybe the commissioner should try doing the shopping and he'll soon see he can't do any better. In fact, he'll probably do a lot worse!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed The Fortune Hunter and Show and Tell, Rachie! Hope you enjoy Fair Game just as much. And oh my gosh, where do this children come up with these things? Oh, yeah, TV and movies! Everyone looks down their noses at the old shows like Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best, but at least they didn't inspire children to want to read books on assassins and guns!

  19. Whoohoo, Rosemary! Your site is wonderful and so is your book, Open Proposal, which I've had the immense pleasure of reading.

    And thanks for that wonderful plug for Fair Game!

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by, and I'm off to choose the winner and post a new blog!

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