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Cover of Revenge

Thank you for all the great responses to The Naughty Corner. I appreciate all the emails and Facebook comments telling me how much you loved the book! Thank you for all the support!

I want to introduce you to the new and improved Revenge Sex! West Coast Book 1 has a had a facelift and a revamp, even a title change! Unfortunately Amazon didn’t like the word sex in the title, and they blacklisted Revenge Sex, taking it out of the search engine. So now it’s simply Revenge, and it has a fabulous new cover!

Cover of Revenge

And I’ve edited the story again. I wanted to read the whole series before I wrote The Other Man, Book 4. It was pretty fun reading Clay and Jessica’s story again! To celebrate getting back in the Amazon search engine, I’m making Revenge free for the month.

Here’s a blurb and naughty excerpt to whet your appetite.

Tough, autocratic CFO Clay Blackwell strikes both fear and loyalty into the hearts of his employees. But he’s got one quirk no one at high-tech Silicon Valley company West Coast Manufacturing knows: he loves the idea of his live-in girlfriend Ruby being with another man…then coming home to him for the best time of his life as she describes every naughty detail. He’s got only three stipulations: no coworkers, no other man in their own home, and she always has to tell him when she has a date. The problem? What to do with a “hotwife” who has all the freedom any woman could want, but still can’t follow three simple rules.

Jessica Murphy has the utmost respect and admiration for her alpha male CFO. She also has wild fantasies about Clay every night. Not that she’d ever tell anyone. Until she walks in on Clay’s girlfriend Ruby getting wild with Bradley the financial analyst right on Clay’s desk.

After that, all bets are off and a little revenge is the name of the game. Ruby thinks she’ll placate Clay by telling him he can be with another woman to pay her back for all her rule-breaking. When Jessica learns about that, she makes up her mind to seduce her sexy boss for keeps, not just one night of revenge.

But can she become the more-than-one-man woman Clay Blackwell wants? Or will his desires tear them apart?


Copyright 2011 by Jasmine Haynes

Jessica puffed out a sharp breath. “I don’t know exactly how to bring this up, so I’m just going to say it.” She inhaled as if she needed the extra air. “I saw Ruby having sex with Bradley on your desk two nights ago.”

Clay opened his mouth, shut it again. His chest was suddenly tight, and his only thought was that she must have been mistaken. “That’s not possible.”

Ruby liked to flirt with his rules, but there were two he was sure she would never break. First, she was never to date anyone from work, and second, no sex at the office. Those circumstances could be compromising, especially since they were both employed at West Coast. It was a small company, prone to gossip, and their sex life was private and separate. She would not have sex at the office, not in his office, and certainly not with Bradley Palmer.

“Open the bottom drawer.” Jessica pointed to the left-hand side of his desk.

He slid it open, saw nothing.

“Check at the back,” she said.

He bent slightly to see. Something purple. Lacy. Miniscule. He pulled out the thong Ruby had worn on Wednesday. The thong she said she’d left behind in a hotel room as a memento. Knowing she was going on a date, he’d watched her dress that morning.

Maybe she’d put it there Thursday morning for him to find later, so they could do a little reliving. But then he remembered the photo of his sons. Thursday morning he’d found it knocked over, by the cleaning staff, he’d assumed. Now, there was another possibility. His blood pumped faster.

“She told me that you know about the things she does,” Jessica went on as if he’d been silent way too long. “And that you’re okay with it all. But I wasn’t sure…” She trailed off uncertainly.

Goddammit. There was no doubt now, and he was pissed Ruby had put him in this position. “Sit down.” He indicated the chair Jessica had just vacated.

She sat, perched primly on the edge, her knees jiggling again. “I know it’s not my business, but if you don’t know about it, I just couldn’t stand by,” she prattled on.

He held up the panties. “And these?”

She rolled her lips between her teeth and chewed on them a moment. “She left them behind, and I put them there as evidence.”

Jesus. How could Ruby be so stupid as to flaunt their unconventional sex life?

How could she fuck Bradley Palmer? Her bad taste was the worst crime of all.

“I realize it must have been a shock,” he said, obviously understating. “I’m sorry you were caught in the middle. But Ruby is right, I do know.” He wasn’t defending; he simply refused to lie about it.

Except that Ruby wasn’t supposed to pull this kind of crap at work. She wasn’t supposed to do it at home either. He didn’t want one or both of his sons walking in. Sure, they were in high school—he had them two weekends every month—but they didn’t need to know about anything he and Ruby did.

All Ruby had needed to do was show a little discretion.

“Oh,” Jessica said. Emotions flitted across her face. Confusion, consternation, then condemnation.

He didn’t know why he let that look bother him. He’d always known how other people would react to his kinky desires. He was divorced because of it. In heated moments, he and his ex had occasionally fantasized about her being with other men, but when he finally said he’d like to do it for real, she’d frozen him out.

With that very look Jessica wore now.

Goddamn Ruby for doing this.

Jessica stood, hugging her folder to her chest. “I don’t understand,” she said, bewildered like a child faced with her first dead goldfish. “Don’t you feel cheated?”

He couldn’t say that love had never entered into it with Ruby; that was between Ruby and him. “I’m not wired like most men.” Yet he knew it would explain nothing. Jessica couldn’t understand. His ex-wife had never understood his needs. In the end, she left because of them.

Jessica seemed to gulp down air. “How can you let her do that to you?”

He rose to look down on her. Her gaze was stricken. He realized she’d allowed this to torment her for two days. On his behalf. “She didn’t do it to me. She didn’t hurt me. It’s the way I like it.”

She dropped the folder to her side and stared at him as if he weren’t the man she’d worked for—and hopefully admired—for the past three years. He actually felt diminished.

Jessica finally looked away. “She said it turns you on.”

“It does,” he admitted. He owed her the truth after what Ruby had put her through.

“She said”—she licked her lips—“that you love to have sex with her afterwards.”

Her mouth glistened. Her eyes were a deep blue, the pupils wide. A blush colored her cheeks. She was breathing faster, a pulse fluttering at her throat. And beneath the blouse, her nipples were hard peaks.

Looking at her, he was inexplicably hard. It wasn’t about Ruby; it was suddenly about Jessica, the intimate conversation, his earlier thoughts about her appeal. “I do.”

“Did you have sex with her when she came home on Wednesday?” she asked softly.

The conversation was heated, the office walls closer, the desk between them barely any separation at all. He watched the rise and fall of her breasts. Like a wild dog, he scented her, too, the faint aroma of arousal and emotion.

“Was it good?” She spoke with barely a sound, but he read the words on her lips.

He could feel the sex from that night, and heat suddenly burned all the way to his gut. “Yes, it was.”

But for a moment, the woman’s face he saw in his mind, the feel of smooth female flesh beneath his fingers, the warmth engulfing him, was no longer Ruby. It was Jessica.

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You can get it before The Other Man Book 4 in the West Coast series comes out. And Gosh I love The Other Man cover by Rae Monet, just as much as I love the new Revenge cover!

Cover of The Other Man

The Other Man will be available on Nov 2. It can be preordered on iBooks, iBooks AU, iBooks UK, BN, and Kobo.

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