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free fall novella cover

Introducing Free Fall! Isn’t the cover by Rosemary Gunn gorgeous and sexy! Long ago and far far away (on my 30th birthday), I jumped out of a plane! With a parachute, of course, or I wouldn’t be writing this now. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. Free Fall is incredible. It was a tandem jump, meaning I was harnessed to a jumpmaster who wore the actual chute. I wanted to experience free fall without having to take numerous lessons to get there. And so, this is my tale. Well, my tale minus all the sex stuff. This story appeared in Resolutions, an anthology I did for LiquidSilverBooks in 2003 (still available) with some really great writers. You can get Free Fall now at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords. And here’s a little blurb to whet your appetite!

Free Fall

Copyright 2011 Jasmine Haynes

Deanna Rain has always made the safe choice, taken the safe job, dated the safe guys. But now she just has to bust out of her self-imposed chains or she’ll die. She needs to do something wild and crazy. Something like skydiving. What could be riskier or more wild than jumping out of a plane? Jumping tandem with Cole Johnson, that’s what. But with Cole, the risk might very well be to her heart.

Jumpmaster Cole Johnson is barely keeping his head above water.

He’s supported his passion for skydiving by starting a parachuting school.

But his bills are stacking up and his calendar is empty. Soon, he’ll have to close his doors to return to a nine-to-five job.

When Deanna shows up for a tandem jump, Cole knows this is going to be his last lesson. And he plans to go out with a bang.

Ask yourself, how much can happen in sixty seconds of free fall? Deanna and Cole are about to find out.

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