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Cover of Double the Pleasure by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Jasmine Haynes - Prescott Twins, Book 1

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And on to my latest release. I absolutely love the cover Rae Monet made for me, very sexy. Double the Pleasure was my first erotic romance. I sold it to, and those wonderful people gave me my start. I then wrote the sequel, Skin Deep, about Kristin’s twin sister Kirby. Lo and behold, Berkley came along and wanted to buy both stories! They paired me with Susan Johnson for Twin Peaks. Both Double the Pleasure and Skin Deep won the Lories for erotic romance. I’m very happy to be able to give you the Prescott twins in ebook format for the first time in 7 years! Here’s a blurb and excerpt for your enjoyment. The excerpt I’m giving you is from Chapter 2.

One night, one chance, but will she have the courage…

Hitting the big 3-0 birthday like a brick wall, shy, reserved Kristin Prescott just has to break out of her sensible shoes and buttoned-up blouses and find herself a man. And the only one who will do is Ross Sloan, her sexy boss. The problem is, she isn’t Ross’s type; he prefers sensual, seductive women like her identical twin. But, Kristin isn’t sure she can let go of her inhibitions.

Unless she pretends to be her sister.

Ross Sloan has lusted after his secretary, Kristin Prescott, since the moment she walked into his office. When she seduces him while playing the role of her twin sister, he sees through her masquerade immediately. But Ross wants both sides of Kristin: the prim, efficient woman who runs his office and the passionate woman she exposes in the guise of her sister. Forcing Kristin to release her inhibitions and claiming the desirable woman beneath the facade becomes his ambition.

But will the pleasure cost them their business relationship? Or can they have both?

Double the Pleasure Prescott Twins, Book 1

Copyright 2012 Jasmine Haynes

Ross saw her the minute she entered the hotel bar. Miss Prescott. His Miss Prescott. In an exceptionally short red dress with an unbelievably gorgeous pair of thighs to match those calves, better even than he’d imagined. Reality certainly surpassed fantasy. Damn. That red dress…

It didn’t matter. In the morning she’d still be his secretary. And he needed her.

She turned, and her gaze traveled over the cluster of tables flanking the small dance floor. The bar was by no means full, and if she’d been looking, she couldn’t have missed him sitting at the far end of the counter.

She never even looked.

Just as well, it allowed him to observe every curve revealed by the brevity of her skirt. Her hair cascaded over shoulders covered only by the thin red straps of her dress. Oh, yeah, her hair was exactly the stuff of his fantasies, rich shades of reds and browns, curling softly over the tops of her breasts. Speaking of breasts, if he’d seen her like this in his office, he’d never have been able to keep his hands off her.

His heart stopped as she touched the red-and-black beaded choker at her throat. Just a brief caress. His eyes tracked the brush of her fingers down the slender line of her throat, leading his gaze to the soft swell of a plump breast. Magnificent. His smart, efficient secretary was sexy as all get-out.

His temperature rose by degrees as she moved to the bar and slid onto a free stool, crossing her legs. Endless legs. The red dress rode up her thigh. She signaled the bartender, and the man jumped to attention as if she’d handed him twenty bucks. Ross understood the feeling; he’d jumped to attention himself.

She ordered and, when her wine came, lifted the glass to her lush red lips. She raised a finger and slid it across her bottom lip, trapping a droplet. He barely suppressed a groan, closing his eyes briefly just to keep his sanity.

This couldn’t be his Miss Prescott. He opened his eyes.

Oh, but it was. Beneath the chatter of voices, the laughter, and the thrum of elevator music, the soft chink of her nails against the glass floated down the length of the bar. His groin tightened. God, there was something about that sound. It sent him into orbit.

He forgot his boredom of late. Miss Prescott in a sexy red dress was a breath of fresh air from the stuffy executive offices he’d been inhabiting, both professionally and personally. He didn’t even mind that Samantha had been over half an hour late before she’d finally gotten around to calling the hotel and giving him a message through the front desk. That was shortly before Kristin arrived.

Samantha was intelligent, witty, and a good conversationalist, with a slightly ribald sense of humor. He continued to admire her business acumen, but her need to dominate the boardroom carried straight through into the bedroom. He enjoyed the woman-on-top position, but lately, Samantha was incapable of doing it in any other way. The lack of variety and her increasingly brittle manner had begun to chafe. The end for them was near. Which would explain why he hadn’t gone out to the lobby to call her when he realized he’d left his cell phone on his desk. He’d actually preferred people-watching. Then Miss Prescott walked in.

The tap-tap of her lightly painted nails beat deep inside. A pale shade of polish, he’d noticed her fresh manicure this afternoon. Suddenly parched, he took a swig of his scotch and soda. She had long, slender fingers. He imagined them on him, scratching his back, kneading his shoulders. All over him. Ah, God. He stood, then picked up his drink.

Limits, political correctness, and the employee handbook be damned. He wanted her. Always had. He sure as hell wasn’t going to let her date—the one she’d obviously dressed to kill for—get to her first.

“Miss Prescott, I almost didn’t recognize you,” he lied smoothly as he took the barstool next to hers. Not a chance he’d have missed her.

His knee brushed hers, then came to rest against her thigh. She didn’t move away, but simply stared at him with those big green eyes.

“Mr….uh…” Her fingers continued tapping, and his blood pulsed in time.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten my name in the space of…” He flipped his wrist to look at his watch. “An hour?”

Something flickered in her eyes, an unreadable flash. She bit her bottom lip. A deep breath plumped her breasts. “I do believe you’ve mistaken me for my sister.”

Shit. He knew she had a twin, but it couldn’t be. He didn’t want it to be. “Your sister?”

She smiled, just a slight curve of her mouth. “You must think I’m Kristin.”

“But you’re…” Damn, he couldn’t even remember the sister’s name. Christ.

“Kirby,” she supplied.

“Ah yes, sorry, I’d forgotten.” He lifted his drink, took a swallow, and moved his knee away from her thigh.

“Well, that’s not very gallant.”

What? Moving his leg or forgetting her name? He didn’t feel gallant, in either case. He felt gutted.

“Don’t you think you ought to introduce yourself?”

“My apologies,” he managed, then stuck out his hand. “Ross Sloan. I’m your sister’s boss.”

She grasped his hand lightly, her fingers cool and moist after caressing her wineglass. A little zing snapped to the tip of his cock, and he held on longer than necessary. A pulse beat at her throat. Then she dropped her gaze and pulled free with a laugh and a bright smile. Her eyes shone with a wattage higher than his secretary’s. Higher and oddly false.

“From your tone, I’d almost think you were disappointed I’m not Kristin, Mr. Sloan. She didn’t think you even knew her first name.”

“Of course I know her name.” The comment made him wonder what Kristin might have said about him to her sister. Flirty, teasing, she didn’t sound like his Miss Prescott, but something about her made him wonder.

She finished the last sip of her wine, set the glass down, and her fingers immediately began tapping the stem. Nerves?

He stared at her nails. He was positive that was the same shade Kristin had worn today. Peach or coral or some such color. Women seemed to have a name for each infinitesimally different shade. Come to think of it, she even smelled the same. A fruity, citrus scent. Every day he knew the exact moment Miss Prescott freshened her hand lotion, the aroma drifting into his office, breaking his concentration, making him think of other places he’d smooth the cream into her skin. They were twins, but down to the same nail polish and hand lotion?

She crossed her legs the other way, moving her thigh even farther from his, then looked around the bar. “I’m afraid I must have missed my friends. I was running a tad late.”

He swallowed the dark liquid in his glass. A subtle pick-up line stating her availability? Or nervous chatter? He couldn’t be sure. She licked her lips and didn’t quite meet his gaze. Primitive instinct told him she was exactly who he wanted her to be, but with a few more minutes and a bit more discourse, he’d be sure.

“Then it’s also my good fortune that my date stood me up.”

Her eyes widened, first surprise, then a flash of something else. Guilt?

Finally she said in a mocking tone, her voice artificially deep and her eyes on her wineglass, “A man admitting he’s been stood up. That’s a first.”

“May I buy you a fresh one?” He indicated her empty glass and added a distinct, “Kirby?”

She hesitated, then said, “Thank you.”

He crooked a finger at the bartender, ordering the same for her and another for himself. “Would you join me at a table?”

A table, where there’d be time enough to confirm her true identity. He’d wager the woman with her tasty thigh two scant inches from his was Kristin. Not her sister Kirby.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Read the first chapter on my website. You can find Double the Pleasure at major e-book retailers, Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Smashwords. It will be available on Sony and Apple soon!

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