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Cover of The Naughty Corner

It’s been a long time since my last blog. I went on vacation to Florida where my husband and I spent a fun-filled two weeks with our Norwegian cousins! But lest you should think it’s all been sun and fun, I’ve also been writing, writing, writing on my two-book series for Berkley Heat. I’ve gone through the edit stage with The Naughty Corner and have the proof pages on my desk now. And I’m just about to finish the first draft of the second book, Teach Me a Lesson. If you loved The Principal’s Office, then I think you’ll enjoy these two stories. BTW, good news, The Principal’s Office is a finalist in the erotic romance category of the National Readers Choice Award. I’m so excited!

Okay, about the new books! BFFs Lola Cook and Charlotte Moore have known each other since high school. They’ve been there for each other through all the ups and downs of school, college, career, marriage, and relationships. And now, hopefully, they’ll be there for each other’s happy ending. Along the way, there’ll be some naughty goings-on including a bit of spanking, some tying up, and a whole lot of fun. Here’s a blurb for Lola’s story in The Naughty Corner.

Cover of The Naughty Corner

Somebody’s been a bad girl…

Writer Lola Cook is on a deadline. Meeting it gets twice as difficult when she finds herself in the unwelcome role of babysitter for her nephews. Six months with the twin teenage terrors is too much for Lola—until she has a brilliant idea: send the boys to football camp. That’ll at least get them out of her hair for five hours every day. Perfect.

Divorced father Gray Barnett has coached summer football camp long enough to know he’ll get saddled with misfits, but William and Harry exceed all expectations. They’re impossible, they’re disruptive, and when he meets their hot aunt Lola, they’re worth the trouble. That is, if Lola accepts Gray’s conditions. Every time the twins misbehave, it’s Lola who must take their punishment. With every naughty infraction, Lola gets more and more accepting—of the penalties. She had no idea just how bad a girl she can be—or how much fun it will be to get what she deserves.

Now, before you read this excerpt, pop over to 69 Shades of Smut Blog to read the scene preceding this one.

Excerpt of The Naughty Corner Copyright 2013 Jasmine Haynes

Like the commercial says, the look on Lola Cook’s face was priceless. Her sexy brown eyes widened. She gaped, the glimpse of pink tongue making his mind race with salacious images. Her short jeans skirt revealed those deliciously coltish legs, and the sparkly spangly things along the neckline of her tight black tank top drew attention to her small but pert and definitely mouthwatering breasts.

“What do you mean by that?”

Oh, he so wanted to show her right here and now. But he’d save that for later. “I mean,” he stressed, “that every time they do something wrong, you will come to my house, or wherever else I direct you”—because he could imagine other places he’d like to have her—“and you will take their punishment.” He quirked one eyebrow. “That sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?”

She had a long face with symmetrical features and full lips. Flecks of gold sparkled in her irises. Her hair was straight, and he imagined braiding it like rope and using it to bind her to him. She wasn’t young, but by the bewilderment in her gaze, he figured she was a neophyte where his tastes were concerned. His hand itched to introduce her to the pleasures of a light spanking, a little bondage play. It had been a while since he’d indulged himself with a woman beyond a quick sexual liaison. Since the day she’d sat in the bleachers, he’d imagined indulging with her. Today, she’d offered him the perfect opportunity.

“It doesn’t sound simple at all,” she said.

“Quite simple. On the one hand”—he flipped out his left palm—“the boys stay. On the other”—he flipped out his right—“they leave.”

She shot out a breath. “That’s blackmail.”

“No,” he said simply. “Someone needs to be punished. I’m merely giving you a choice as to who it will be.” He smiled. She was quite beautiful when she was all riled up. What would she be like when he punished her? There was a world of delightful possibilities.

She threw her hands out in exasperation. “I can’t believe you’re suggesting this.”

“I’m perfectly willing to have you take them off my hands. They’re disruptive as hell.” He shrugged. “It’s up to you.”

She pursed her lips, glared at him. Then she tossed her hair over her shoulder, paced the small office, and finally stopped to glare at him again. He imagined her glaring at him like that as he tied her to his bed.

“Tell me exactly what you mean by punishment,” she demanded.

“What does one normally do with a naughty child?” he asked mildly.

“Send them to the corner.”

He laughed. That gave him a very interesting idea. “Think something more hands-on.”

She gaped. “You’re going to spank me?”

“For a start.” He raised a brow. “If they continue to misbehave, I’ll have to get more creative.”

She cocked her head. “What else? I can’t agree if I don’t have any idea how far you’ll push me.”

He liked her phrasing. It suggested a willingness within limits. “We’re not bargaining here.” He lifted one corner of his mouth. “But I won’t do anything that makes you cry.”

She snorted. “I don’t cry.”

“Then you’ll be fine.”

She cocked her head, folding her arms beneath her breasts. The bead of her nipples stood out against the tight material of her tank top, and he detected her subtle womanly aroma. She wasn’t unaffected, despite her arguments.

“I need specifics,” she insisted.

He rounded the desk, standing just outside her personal space. “The punishment must fit the crime. And since I don’t know what your nephews—”

“Heckle and Jeckle,” she said.

He laughed out loud, remembering the naughty birds from the old cartoon. In addition to that sexy, willowy body, she had a sense of humor.

“Or the little princelings, if you prefer,” she added.

He had her. He knew she’d agree. He couldn’t wait.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpts of The Naughty Corner. Look for the release in October 2013 and Charlotte’s story in Teach Me a Lesson coming April 2014.


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