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Audiobook Cover of Can't Forget You by Jennifer Skully

If you’re a fan of contemporary romantic comedy sprinkled with a heavy dose of mystery, then step into the world of NY Times and USA Today best-selling author Jennifer Skully!

Welcome back to Cottonmouth!

There’s something very special about the house Maggie grew up in. It’s sort of… alive. With a mind of its own.

And it has plans for the people living there now.

All Maggie Halliday has left after the divorce is the family dog and the home her grandmother left to her when she passed away two months ago. Maggie’s got no other choice but to run back to her hometown of Cottonmouth, California, only to discover her high school sweetheart, Cooper Trubek, is living in the house, along with four other boarders for whom Maggie is now responsible. And according to Nana’s will, Maggie can’t kick any of them out.

Unless one of them commits murder.

Still grieving for her grandmother and trying fix up the house that seems to be falling down around her, Maggie’s got more trouble than she can handle. Then things go from bad to worse when Samson the dog starts digging in the basement…

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What Readers Are Saying:

Great story!

This is the third in the Cottonmouth series. Each book has been brilliantly written. Each story sufficiently different that you don’t get that, I know what and whodunit and be right! There are surprises along the way. Great stories well written with very believable characters and wonderful plots, quite a few twisty bits! While there… Read more “Great story!”

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Another great story and will have to see what happens in this story line. Will check on my kindle… Read more “Great”

Amazon Reviewer

I really liked this one

I really liked this one. This is the third in the series and it was worth waiting for. There is a hidden love story here and those are the kind I… Read more “I really liked this one”

Amazon Reviewer

Can’t Forget You

This is the third book in the Cottonmouth series and just like the other two does not disappoint. Maggie inherits a house from her Nana along with five boarders. The only way she can get rid of the boarders is if they choose to leave or if one of them commits a murder. One of… Read more “Can’t Forget You”

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Quirky characters; touching, sexy romance; and mysteries solved with help from a dog and a house?!

Terrific combo of romance and mystery with a supernatural twist. It’s a second chance romance rolled in with some unnatural happenings and secrets that are buried within a house. I enjoyed this as much as I did She’s Gotta Be Mine, book 1, but it is quite different than that, and I loved that Bobbie… Read more “Quirky characters; touching, sexy romance; and mysteries solved with help from a dog and a house?!”

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Love this book!!!!

Just finished Can’t Forget You the latest Cottonmouth novel by Jennifer Skully. Loved the characters from Maggie and Cooper, long lost loves who find each other again. Mix that with a unique cast of boarders, a murderer and a house determined to bring the truth to light with the help of Samson the dog. It’s… Read more “Love this book!!!!”

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Great series! Love it!

I liked this book because it had a lot of excitement, romance and suspense I would recommend is series of books to anyone, specially if the the series, like I do. Thank you very much Jennifer Skully for a great series of books. I hope this series doesn’t… Read more “Great series! Love it!”

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Loved this book and the series! There is always the perfect amount of mystery, romance, spice and heart to keep me turning the pages. This was my favorite book in the series because of the bit of supernatural that was in this book. Looking forward reading more of her… Read more “Excellent”

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