Quirky characters; touching, sexy romance; and mysteries solved with help from a dog and a house?!

Terrific combo of romance and mystery with a supernatural twist. It’s a second chance romance rolled in with some unnatural happenings and secrets that are buried within a house. I enjoyed this as much as I did She’s Gotta Be Mine, book 1, but it is quite different than that, and I loved that Bobbie and Nick had some small scenes in this one as did Brax from book 2.Maggie returns to Cottonmouth and her late grandmother’s house to deal with people who are now her boarders. Then there is the lovable pooch, Samson, whose digging is about to uncover some secrets. Who is telling the truth, and what did Maggie’s grandmother know? There is the quirky cast of characters that have their own issues/secrets, including Cooper. He’s the ex-boyfriend of Maggie who returned from his Hollywood dreams penniless and working as a high school security guard. Even he has a secret.I enjoyed that all of the secrets were revealed by the end, and there were more than I suspected. There were a couple of unexpected twists that caught me off guard. At the center of the story was the relationship between Maggie and Cooper. I really wanted them to find their way back to each other. And there were a few erotic scenes, just enough to add spice to the story.”Coming home was supposed to make her feel safe, yet she was very, very afraid of what was hiding down in the basement. and the person who put it there.”This is a standalone, so you can read this one first or read them in order. I look forward to more in this terrific erotic romance mystery series. I highly recommend this one!