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Congratulations to Debby Guyette, you are the winner of the historicals by Kathryn Caskie and Nicole Jordan! I’ll be contacting you for your snail mail address (or you can email me on skully at if you see this first) and mailing out your prize!

This week I’ve got Tawny Weber’s first Blaze, Double Dare. She was at the booksigning yesterday, and she’s great. We all had a really nice lunch beforehand, too. I love those kind of group booksignings. It was a party! So, post a comment, (you must type in your email address) and I’ll enter you in the drawing for Tawny’s book. I’ll also add you to my newsletter for updates on all the fun stuff and releases, too. I’ll announce the winner on the January 26th blog! Good luck!

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Goethe

The other day, my husband came into my office with that quote typed on a piece of paper and stuck it on my computer. He loves Goethe, a German author from the 1800s. He wrote Faust. My husband is always reading me quotes from one philosopher or another. This one really resonates. To me, it’s about the power of positive thinking. It’s not just a mantra or an affirmation. If you really believe in yourself, then you act like it. If you believe you can write a book, then you actually make it happen. If you believe you can get published, then you take steps to make that happen. You write and you revise and you polish and you take classes and you find a critique group and you never stop. After I joined the Romance Writers of America, it took me 8 more years to finally sell my first manuscript. If I didn’t believe in myself, I would have stopped at 7 years and never made that sale. But a positive attitude in every aspect of your life can make great things happen. If you believe a job is great, then it’s great. If you think it sucks, it sucks. You see what you expect to see. Which is why I always try to find something positive in any situation. Negativity attracts negativity, but being positive attracts positive people, things, and events into your life.

So tell us all about things that happened in your life which you believe came about from the power of positive thinking, ie, believing in yourself.

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Oh, and don’t miss the Fair Game excerpt on the site if you haven’t already read it!

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  1. Congratulations, Debby!Positive thinking is definitely powerful. I’m fairly sure that if I hadn’t believed that I could pass the Master’s exam in English Literature last April, that I would not have passed it. There is that and then the positive thinking about my brother and I being able to find our way back to Red Square in Moscow after accidentally taking a one-way river cruise on the Moscow river. Since neither of us, or the three people with us, speak Russian, it was quite an adventure to make our way from where we got off the boat back to Red Square, but we did it. 🙂

  2. Yesteray was such a fun signing, Jasmine! The reader group was amazing – what a fabulous setup!

    Thanks so much for sharing Double Dare ~ you’re the best.

    As for believing in oneself. I really do try! For the most part, I’m successful, especially when I focus on the amazing blessings in my life. It really does seem like as long as we focus on the good, we continue to get more and more positive, huh?

  3. Karin, now that’s positive thinking, making it back to Red Square. I would have been terrified. And see how positive thinking helps with the studying. if you didn’t think you’d pass, you probably wouldn’t have studied! Hmm, I did have a few classes like that.

    And you are right, Estella, you can’t raise 4 kids by yourself without some positive thinking!

    Tawny! Thanks so much for stopping by. My winner is going to have a real treat with Double Dare! The booksigning was loads of fun! And speaking of the power of positive thinking, your career is taking off with all those new contracts. Whoohoo!

  4. Very exciting, Jasmine! And thinking positively helps one keep one’s perspective, I think. In general, such a good thing! Don’t enter me, but Double Dare is a great read! How fun that you got to hang out with Tawny in person! 🙂

  5. positive thinking got me through a divorce and back on my feet in the working world;
    it also got me a great dh (but) with 3 teenagers (their Mom had passed away with cancer app. 7 months earlier). Positive thinking sure helped a lot here.

  6. Hi Jas, I believe your proposel will be accepted and the power of two is better than one! I also believe in the power of positive thinking too and it’s always nice being around people with great attitudes instead of downers.

    I already have Tawny’s book so don’t put me in the draw.

    Congrats Debby!

  7. Dena, thanks so much for that positive thinking! It is easier to be around positive people. They just have a sunnier attitude that attracts you. They can actually bring you up. Whereas people around negative people really can bring you down.

    Thanks for leaving a comment even though you have the book!

    And let’s all have a great day. I feel very upbeat. I’m reading the Fair Game galley right now and I’m not finding many errors at all!

  8. Staying positive when things all seem to go wrong isn’t easy; but being negative certainly doesn’t help. Right now I am working hard to protect our neighborhood from being destroyed by some extremely wealthy developers. Word had been passed on to me that a man in the neighborhood calls me “gullible” for my belief that we can win this battle. I refuse to give up. It means too much to hundreds of people. Think positive; you have nothing to lose and much to gain. It’s healthy, too!

  9. There is a lot of truth in what you said about the positive thinking thing. I had a class on this stuff several years ago and I do think it works, but my problem is I have trouble being a positive thinker about things I am unsure about. This is a down fall on my part! I do believe that positive thinking works.

  10. Positive thinking is what got me through my recovery from a bad car accident. I was in the hospital for 3 months and a rehab center for 9 months. If not for the power of positive thinking I don’t think I would have made the progress that I did. It was much more than the doctors thought possible.

  11. I believe it works, too, Virginia. Just look at the opposite. When you’re around a person who is very negative, you start to feel negative and depressed. But keeping up the positive thinking is very hard. It almost feels like you’re ignoring things, as if you should be worried about this or worried about that. But honestly, the worrying doesn’t make it any better. Take the action you think is appropriate, then stop worrying. So much easier said than done.

    And that’s why it worked for you, Susan. If you think you can get better, you actually takes steps to make that happen. and you bring positive energy to the whole process. I’m so glad you made it through that accident!

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