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I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season and a great New Year! And here’s to a marvelous 2019!

You’ve gotten to know Kate and Joe in both It Must Be Magic and One Crazy Kiss. And now I’ve got their love story for you in You Make Me Crazy. Plus our whole cast of crazy Mystery of Love characters will return, including my favorite, Grandma Blue. I truly adore Grandma Blue. She reminds me a little of my own mother, although, my proper British mother would definitely NOT say some of the things Grandma Blue does. You’ll also revisit with Madison and T. Larry, Jack and Opal, Tanner and Lili. And all the fabulously fun characters in Hideaway Creek!

Here’s a taste of what to expect from Kate and Joe in You Make Me Crazy!

Google Search: How to persuade a woman dead set against relationships to have a relationship with you, particularly when you’re a funeral director?

Joe Swann wants the whole shebang—marriage, kids, the white picket fence. And he’s determined to go after the woman he wants—Kate Carson.

Joe’s not your typical bad boy. But he’s very very bad for Kate because he’s nesting. And that’s a scary thing for a career-minded woman. Besides, right now, Joe’s life is a complete mess—especially considering the hastily buried body Kate and Joe stumble over—and the smartest thing Kate can do is steer clear at all costs.

If only his kisses didn’t set her on fire and his touch didn’t drive her crazy. How’s a girl—even a career woman—supposed to resist?

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To celebrate, I’ve put It Must Be Magic on sale for free! So if you haven’t read it, grab it in time for You Make Me Crazy. And don’t miss One Crazy Kiss, the prequel.

It Must Be Magic

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