And the winner is… (I updated since this morning, promise!)

Cover of Unlaced

Tiramisu392! That’s Vic Wurgler. I’ll be sending you an email, Vic! But if you read this first, you can email me on Congratulations! And thanks to everyone for stopping by all the blogs and sharing all your stories. It was such fun reading them all!

Okay, I’m so totally lazy that I’m going to write up my real Monday blog later in the day and post it. I had a couple of book signings this weekend in Capitola and Monterey, plus attended another author’s signing, so lots of driving. And I’ve got so much to catch up and not enough hours to do it, plus I’ve got PT this morning and I’ve got to buy Superfeet at the Mall, and take some almond rocha to the bookstore girls at Borders in Capitola because I forgot to bring it with me on Saturday, then my husband wants his Tylonol PM… Whew, even writing that exhausts me, and don’t you just love knowing every little nauseating detail of what I’m doing today!!!! LOL!!! So, after I get back from doing all that stuff, I’m going to write up the real blog. Promise!

And here’s my afternoon addition to Monday’s blog! I’m so lazy that I’m simply going to tell you about this weeks prize! I’ve got two books by the wonderful Pam Rosenthal. She’s in my local RWA chapter and I’ve got The Slightest Provocation and one of her anthologies, Strangers in the Night. Please post and leave me your email, I’ll add you to my newsletter so you know the latest happenings, and I’ll choose the winner of these two wonderful books next Monday!

I got the Superfeet and really, they’re super!

BTW, I saw my first copy of Unlaced at the book signings. It’s gorgeous! I hadn’t held the real book in my hand before. It was so cool! Jasmine


  1. Last week’s blogathon was incredible! Such a huge response. Most excellent for all of the Unlaced contributors and congratulations on the release.

    I hope everyone gets out there and picks up a copy for themselves…and a friend! I have mine already broken in and agree the cover IS gorgeous…but what’s inside is even hotter! I absolutely LOVED Undone, Jenn!

  2. *cries* Oh I wish I’d known you were going to be doing a book signing.
    For you, I might have dragged my butt down to Capitola.
    Maybe next time.
    Congrats to Vic!

  3. Thank you, Rita, the blogathon was wonderful! I really enjoyed myself. And you’re so sweet for telling everyone how great the book is. I’m still waiting for my copies!!!! Maybe today. Joey got hers on Saturday and Jaci’s arrived today.

    And thank you Fedora, Lori, and Lea for coming back! More prizes this week, too.

    Jennifer, I should have told you about the book signing. But don’t you live in Washington or Oregon! LOL! And hey, I’m looking forward to the January workshop on Romance Divas!

  4. Pam would be a new author to me, so I would love to read one of her books. I love trying new authors to me.

    Congrats on having your books in your hand. That has to be an awesome feeling.

  5. Thanks, Teresa and Virginia. Pam’s a great author to add to your list!

    And yes, Virginia, it’s an awesome feeling to hold the book in my hands! You’d think the thrill would go away, but with each new book, I still get tingles. It’s on my shelf now!

  6. Congratulations, Vic!It was such fun reading all of the blogs last week! It has to be a thrill to hold the your book for the first time.Has your ghost returned since he/she turned your washer on?

  7. I’m glad you enjoyed the blogs, Susan! My ghost has returned a couple of times. But I realize now that it’s just a broken washing machine. Sometimes it won’t run the rinse cycle, and it sits. Then somehow, it’ll “pop” free and start running. But I didn’t what to spoil the fun by telling you all it was something completely mundane! It was so much more fun when it was a ghost!

    And thanks for your email, Virginia. It always makes it easier!

  8. Congratulations Vic!

    Congratulations Jasmine, as well! That book cover is gorgeous! It must be a cool moment to hold your new release in your hands for the first time. 🙂

  9. thank you, Zara, I’m so glad you think it’s gorgeous cover, too. I think it might be my favorite, though Berkley has always given me great covers.

    Yes, Lindy, the Edge of Impropriety is Pam’s new one! It’s almost at the top of my TBR pile, so I hope to read it soon.

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