And the Jasmine Files begin!!!

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Yes, this is the inaugural blog for the Jasmine files!

First, as I promised on my website, I’m giving away a book to one lucky blog poster. Which means you should post a comment or I won’t know you’re out there! Second, I’ll choose the winner and post his or her name on next week’s blog. Yeah, I’m going to try to blog once a week (and give away a book once a week!). Unless I run out of things to say. I won’t, however, run out of books. And you know writers never stop wanting to blab. But we’ll see how it goes. That means you have all week to post a comment and get into the drawing. And this week (yeah, I know you’ve been waiting to hear about the book!!) I’m giving away a copy of TL Schaefer’s The Saints of Midland. I love Terri (she’s one of my critique partners) and I love this book. Her voice…wow, that’s all I can say. She autographed it, too! You can check out the book on her site Mrs. Giggles loved the book! Don’t miss my regular monthly contest on and please note that Leigh’s website is There’s a little oops in there that I hope to have fixed next week.

Okay, so why I’m here today. I’m starting a new series. This one is going to be a Berkley Heat, so that obviously means it’s going to be hotter! I’m going to be writing two anthologies, creating a glitzy, sensual world of powerful people and the courtesans they’ll pay anything to have. Of course, what I write is all fantasy, and I was wondering about what I thought might be a fairly universal fantasy for women, that of being paid for sex. I’m not talking about the poor women on the streets who are victimized, strung out on drugs, living a nightmare. I’m thinking of the fantasy world of high class and high prices. So, do you think this is a universal fantasy (meaning it’s shared by a lot of women) or am I totally whacked? What do you think are some other universal fantasies? And having a fantasy doesn’t mean acting out the fantasy. That’s why it’s called a “fantasy”! It’s just the secret thing that occasionally crosses your mind.

I’d love to hear what you think! So let’s talk it up!

Jasmine and Jennifer Newsletter:


  1. Fantasies of any kind would be nice right now with the pain I am in. I went in to see doctor on Friday and she pushed me all the way through a gallbladder surgery. I would just like to have a man I could share how I truly feel with – and not one who doesn’t care how I feel. By the way I visit your website every month.If I win, my address is ——————————

  2. Oh Jane, I’m sorry for your pain. And really I don’t mean to sound trite with they rhyme. My mom just has foot surgery, and I was down taking care of her, so I know surgery is always hard to get through. Best wishes to you.

    And yeah, a man who cares about how we feel. That would be great! That’s certainly a fantasy we’d all love to act out.

    Thanks for visiting the site regularly! Hope you feel better soon.

    And thanks for being my first commenter!


  3. Yes, Gladys! Reality is great, but sometimes, it’s just kind of fun to indulge in a fantasy. I mean, really, what better way to pass the time in a doctor’s office when he’s running 45 minutes late. At that point, a little fantasy is a LOT better than reality!


  4. I can hardly wait to discover the raw, earthy reasons [or hell, maybe it’ll be all about the money!] that would drive these women to do all sorts of who-knows-what with all types of who-knows-whom…and in ways that only you can tell us their tales.

    And I love the new blog layout.

  5. Well, I know one of the women in my stories will be doing it for the money. Because money is power. That’s the one I’m working on now, but the other ideas are sizzling. Thanks for stopping by, Rita!

    And Jennifer, thank you for coming, too. Lora Leigh’s RAW weekend is almost here! Can’t wait to meet you in person! When are you arriving?


  6. Wonderful, Jennifer! I’ll be arriving later in the evening on Thursday, probably about eight. I’m flying into Lexington and driving from there. To fly into Huntington from San Francisco was about five stops! Perhaps we can get together for a drink!

    And everyone, I’ll be blogging about how great RAW is right after I get back, on Tuesday the 23rd!


  7. An interesting type of fantasy and idea for a book. What was it that drew that particular idea for you?

    Looking forward to seeing you at RAW, only fourteen days away. Wow! Time is moving fast, way too fast.

  8. Thanks for the question, Terri. Well, first it was the Elliot Spitzer scandal, it got my mind working. I asked myself why people would do that. What, besides money, do they get out of it? I also thought it was well suited to an anthology format, writing several short stories instead of one long one. Some may have the traditional HEA romance ending, and some may not.

    Yes, RAW is almost here!!! Now please do tell me which Terri you are so that I can be sure to say hi!


  9. Well well look who finally decided to start a blog Miss Jasmine Haynes, or are you one of her other personalities???? Whichever girl shows up we are guranteed to have something to talk about! Happy Blog Birthday. Okay so I am a few days late. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  10. Yes, Tami, I finally jumped on the bandwagon! And who know which of my personalities might speak up at any time. But when we’re talking about the more risque stuff, it’s probably Jasmine! She’s the really bad one, you know.

    Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day, too!


  11. Fantasies! This sounds very exciting. Women with the power and the money. Love it! It would also be great to have the high society women calling on the men for their “Amusement”. Come to think of it, my boyfriend cleaning the bathroom would make my dreams come true. HAHA! I’m a simple girl.

  12. I love it, Rhonda, having your boyfriend clean the bathroom being the BEST fantasy! My husband is doing the vacuuming today (I hope, since I’m not home). But I do like the idea of the women calling the men for amusement, and I have plans to switch roles, with a high-priced call “boy” and a female client.

    Okay, one more day for comments, then I’m choosing a winner for Terri’s book, and will be posting it with my new blog tomorrow!

    Jasmine and Jennifer

  13. The thing about fantasy is that you can make it do whatever you want–therefore if someone wants to be a ‘courtesan’ (to give it a more upscale name) they don’t have to deal with the facts of life–which is that selling yourself can lead to more things than money! This is true whether it be as a mistress, call-girl or even as a wife–you don’t REALLY believe all those rich men end up with beautiful young women because of the sexual attraction, do you?

  14. I am new to reading your books and would like to thank you for helping take my mind off my own personal life for a while. I am going through a divorce and was able to lose myself in your books. Thank you for sharing your talent with words.

    I look forward to your new book.

  15. Thank you, Christina. That’s the highest compliment any writer could ever get, that her books helped someone during a painful time. I’m sorry about your divorce and wish you all the best. And though you commented on last week’s blog, I’ll enter you in this week’s drawing so I do hope you’ll check back on Monday.

    Take care

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