Alert! Hazardous Mocha Addiction!

Mermaid at RAW

Congratulations! The winners of the T-Shirt and the Tote from RAW are Jessica and Sue! Woohoo! Please email me on skully @ skullybuzz .com (without the spaces) with your snailmail address. I’m putting up a couple more RAW pictures which I got from Jennifer Ray. The mermaid made her own costume!

Sorry, but I didn’t get her name.

And the lovely damsels are Shirley Daamsgard (left) and Mary Wine (right). Mary is a costumer, and she wore a real corset and bustle! Another RAW WOW moment!

Shirley Damsgaard and Mary Wine at RAW

This week we have a book from my wonderful critique partner, Leigh Wyndfield. You can check out all her books on her site. Yes, Leigh is my critique partner, but I’m not biased. I adore all her books so it’s hard for me to pick a favorite. She’s giving away a download of one book. If you win, I’ll put you in touch with her and you guys can decide which one. Anything you pick will be a treat. Remember, if I don’t hear from you in 24 hours, I’ll have to choose another winner, so be sure to check back next Monday. If you put your email in your blog comment (hint, hint!), then you’re set! Plus you’ll get my newsletter telling you about new releases and contests, I know you want that!!

Now, to my addiction. I had my physical and of course, my doctor ordered all those tests for cholesterol, etc. Before having the blood test I had to fast, and I wanted to combine the trip with another appointment at 2 pm. So that meant nothing but water until 2 in the afternoon. I thought sure fine okay. Oh! My! God! That also meant no morning mocha! Do you know what it’s like to wake up to the scent of chocolate and coffee and not be able to have any? Yes, my husband made his mocha but I couldn’t have any. I was literally drooling. I couldn’t concentrate all morning. I kept thinking about 2 o’clock and my mocha. At 10:45, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I went to the lab early, had the tests done, then ah, a blessed mocha. Thank God the doctors’ clinic where I go has a mocha stand. Whew! So I didn’t even have to drive to get it. However, I did bring my Alphasmart, so while I was waiting the next two hours for my 2 o’clock appointment, I got a lot of uninterrupted writing done. Conclusion? I’m a complete and utter mocha addict. But so is my husband. He keeps buying mocha machines at the Salvation Army just in case ours breaks down (because they’re so cheap, honey, and they have all the parts). We have two in the cubby over the fridge, two at the bottom of the pantry, two in my office cupboard, and the last one he bought, I had to stash in the linen closet. I told him no more mocha machines! So instead, he came home with a mixer to make cookies. Which I did, and now we’re addicted to cranberry white chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies.

So, what’s your addiction?

Jasmine and Jennifer Newsletter:


  1. Hmmm, I don’t drink coffee, but you make mocha sound so good I might have to give it a try. And I’m definitely going to give the cranberry white chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies a try. After reading your post, the green tea and peanut butter-ritz cracker sandwiches I have for breakfast are suddenly very unappealing.

  2. Hey, Crystal! Thanks for stopping by. Ooh, those cranberry cookies were good. I made these other cookies called “whoopie” cookies. Couldn’t resist. It was a cookie sandwich, two chocolate cookies with a cream filling (why does this sound sexual). Anyway, they were really fiddly and took all afternoon. Then hubby and I each ate one, after which I threw the whole lot in the trash. You win some, you lose some!

    So, no “whoopie” cookies, but a mocha and a cranberry oatmeal cookies, yeah! Sorry, I just can’t hack the green tea!

  3. How long do you have? Let’s see: carbs [all of them: bread, pasta, cookies…and I have the ass to prove it!], carnival games, movies, the Internet, sex…

    There must be some crossed wires in my brain or something. [grin]

  4. I could kick myself for not going up and complimenting the mermaid’s gorgeous costume! Mary had told us about her garment beforehand, the real bustle and corset, but still, I was blown away when I saw it. Fabulous.

    Hope you’re feeling better Jennifer!

  5. Starbucks caramel frapaccino. That’s probably spelled wrong, but it tastes great!! I think my car is just programed to go into a Starbucks drive through.HA!

  6. OOh, that one sounds good, too, Rhonda. It’s 5:15 am right now, and my husband has just made me a delicious mocha. Yum, what a lovely way to wake up.

    And all the LDL’s and HDL’s and cholesterol and tryclicerides were perfect! So I guess the fasting was worth it.


  7. My addiction is CONTESTS!!! I love entering them even if I don’t win.

    I love coffee and chocolate, or should I say I love the coffee flavoring creams, black coffee is just disgusting!

  8. What a combo, Violet,
    Starbucks and a cranberry cookie. Ooh. I’m going to try making them today without the white chocolate. I think they’ll be just as good. I’ll let you know! It’s Sunday and I think my hubby deserves a treat!

    And thanks so much for letting me give away your book next week. I LOVE it! I love all your books that I’ve read and can’t wait to read more.


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