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Early cover of Dead to the Max

The winner of a download of Burning Bridges from my wonderful friend Anne Krist is Phyllis. You’ve got a real prize here, Phyllis, you’re going to love Burning Bridges. So please email me at skully [at] skullybuzz [dot] com to claim your download. Since I don’t have your email address, please let me know within 24 hours.

This week, as promised, I’m doing something a little different. I’m giving away a pdf download of Dead to the Max by JB Skully. In case you didn’t know, that’s me! Yet another multiple. This is the first Max Starr book, and there’s five total in the series which you can get through LiquidSilverBooks. Look under “Titles by Author”. You’ll find an excerpt over there, too. Now here’s the thing. I’m going to give a download to ANYONE who posts on the blog this week. All you must do is put your email address in the comment. I’ll add you to my newsletter if you’re not already a member, but also, this is the only way I can send Dead to the Max to you, by email, so if you don’t leave your address, I won’t be sending that free copy. If you’re worried about those web crawlie thingies that get your address, just type it in like I did my address in the first paragraph.

I love the Max Starr series, and I would love to introduce a new generation of e-book readers to Max and Witt and Cameron. As I was writing the series, I fell deeply in love with Witt. Max gets involved in a series of killings and Witt’s the detective who investigates her, tries to protect her, and falls for her. Okay, I fell in love with Witt’s mom, too. You know how I always talk about my mom, well, she’s a lot like Witt’s mom. Of course, there’s Cameron, too, Max’s husband. Cameron is the man of Max’s dreams, but there’s one small problem, he was murdered a couple of years ago. Max still talks to him. And he talks back. He’s the ghost that just can’t go to his final rest. And really, how can Max choose between the love of her life and the man of her dreams?

So, leave a comment and your email and give Max a try!

I also promised some news about Show and Tell! My local radio station is going to read Show and Tell aloud on the air! Yes, the whole thing!!!! Okay, they’re going to have to do some bleeping, but every day at 6:35 am, they’re going to read a minute of it. Every day for about 3 months! Wow.

And for those of you who are writers, the Silicon Valley chapter of RWA is having the GotchaContest. Finalists go to editors! Dead to the Max won the Gotcha way back when!

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  1. Good morning Jasmine, Jennifer, & JB,"Multiple personalities" I love it!! I have so enjoyed your blog over the last several weeks!! I am looking forward to reading your book & getting insight! I have recently found Liquid Silver books & have been extremely happy with all that I have bought from them.Have a great day,Susan

  2. Thanks to both of you Kimberly and Susan! I hope you enjoy Max. And Liquidsilver has really wonderful books and authors.

    I’ll send you the PDF on my skully email address. Going over to do that now!

    Thank you!
    JB (might as well sign as that multiple!

  3. Don’t need to send me one, Jasmine, I’ve already read this whole series, and loved it. Once everyone reads this first book, they are going to get hooked!

  4. I’ve read your Jennifer Skully books and never knew you had other personaliltiesb until just now. I can’t wait to discover them. And they are in ebook format, too. It doesn’t get any better than this. What a great way to start the week.Thanks to all 3 (?) of you :-)TerryS

  5. Hi Triplet,Thanks for the download and Happy Twenty fourth anniversary to you. Keep on writing those 3500 words per day.—————– is the mail email address. Thank you so much. Good to talk with you again.Phyllisvi

  6. Heya!Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for Carrie’s Answer!! I received it today from the Violets! Can’t wait to start it!!How cool is it that your story is going to be read on the radio??Would love to try Dead To The Max!!

  7. You have SO many awesome things going on right now!! Unlaced and Fair Game coming out soon, Show & Tell on the radio…OMG, Jennifer! That's a lot of crazy schnit…

    Please send me Dead to the Max. I love all your wild personalities.

  8. Oooohhhhh! Yay! I would love to read this series. I haven’t read anything under this name but I love your other work under your other names. Thank you for the free book. Caitlin

  9. Jennifer, I can’t imagine how they’re going to read that scene after Trinity and Scott are in the bar. Um, what sound effect could they possibly use for…that? LOL. The only one I know is that they’ll use the sound of spanking for the spanking scene, which really isn’t BDSM, just a bit of hot fun. Listening to them read will be an experience!

    And thanks everyone! I’m off to send out the next batch of Dead to the Max!


  10. Hello Jasmine, Dead to the Max sounds like it will be a great read. I’m going to check out the Liquid Silver Books. I can always read more:-) Thanks for the opportunity to read Dead to the Max. ~Gail~

  11. Hi! JasmineI loved Show & Tell .. I can't wait for the next book. Actually probably more impatient than anything. LOL!!! Re-Read Somebody's Lover. *Sigh* You are amazing … I look forward to reading Dead to the Max.Take careHugsTerra

  12. Jasmine,

    Thank you for inviting me to post. I met you at RAW and thought you were a wonderful person to go along with being a great author. My sister and I were the ones who ran into the signing room yelling for you! I haven’t read anything by you under this name but I love your other books and look forward to this one.

  13. Hi, everyoneThank you all so much for your interest in Dead to the Max. I have sent a pdf to everyone who posted and left their email. If you haven’t gotten it, please check your spam folder, as it might have gone there. If you didn’t receive it, please email me at ————— and I’ll resend!Thanks!Jasmine

  14. Hi Jasmine!I love your Jasmine Haynes books (just started reading you after meeting you at RAW) so I’m looking forward to your other series. Thanks for being so generous!Carol

  15. I have never read anything by JB, but I love the Jennifer and the Jasmine books. Congratulations on the radio daily reads. I am certain that you will find many new fans. another Jennifer from RAW

  16. Thanks, ya’ll! I have sent out all the downloads requested! But I do see I have a few people who haven’t confirmed that they got Dead to the Max. So email me if at—————– if you didn’t get it! And heck, this was so much fun, I’ll keep giving out downloads as long as people keep giving me their email address on this blog!Muah!Jasmine

  17. Steph, Tricia and Kim, I’ve sent your downloads of Dead to the Max! So please do let me know if the pdf doesn’t make it through. In fact, anyone who has asked for a copy and didn’t receive it, please let me know, as I’ve sent everything.


  18. Hi Jen, I dont no if I am too late, I hope not : – ( as I would love to read Dead to the Max. I have been really slow getting through my emails lately. If you would take pity on me I would be eternally greatful. Thanks for making my time at Raw 08 a blast!!!! : – )Lauren

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