Will Judy finally see the error of her Mean Girl ways, courtesy of Tricia?!

4.5 stars Though short, I really enjoyed this at times hot, and at all points emotional, Christmas family drama. Some backbiting and payback, all in the context of a Florida holiday get together that cannot stop second chance lovers Tricia and David from getting to it every opportunity they can! A holiday reappearance of the characters in Any Way She Wants It, Volume Six in the West Coast series, I have been wondering when and if David’s Mean Girl sister Judy would get her comeuppance for torturing and humiliating Tricia in their school years. And here they are all reunited as adults and the zingers fly David and Tricia have a secret from his family and some unspoken issues between themselves that need airing. Despite the brevity of the story, the author provided enough backstory from the previous book to bring the reader up to speed so it’s not essential to read Any Way She Wants It first. But if you like the wildly passionate relationship between David and Tricia, you would probably really like the earlier book that tells their full story up to the month before this novella starts.The steam and passion are great, but their story is much more, with lost chances, grief, and the issues that mature couples with previous marriages and independent lives confront when they enter a serious relationship, especially when children are involved. I loved this couple and the way they supported and took joy in each other. :-)I read a complimentary advance copy of the story; this is my voluntary and honest review.