What’s so lucky about finding a horseshoe graveside?! A mystery to solve together

4.5 stars Excellent continuation and completion to the ❤romance, mystery and family drama started in the teaser novella One Crazy Kiss. It’s hard to believe that in such a short time so many issues could be resolved, but they are! Joe and Kate build on their red hot attraction and from the first chapter, a death in odd circumstances leads a crowd of helpful townsfolk in the search for answers to the death and the whereabouts of Joe’s sister-in-law and her newborn.I really liked the interesting twists, like the revelations uncovered by the town’s animal whisperer! and the discovery that they’ve been living with a baby whisperer in their midst! The zany secondary characters add humor and warmth to the story.I found heroine florist Kate less appealing than her beau, funeral director Joe. They are both energetic and driven by their careers, but he is so involved in taking care of others, whether grieving clients or his large family, where Kate is obsessed with staying independent, detached and uninvolved romantically. But all gets resolved to the good and, in the meantime, Kate savors some fantastic kisses This can be read as a standalone though many of the characters feature elsewhere in the series. It had been awhile since I read One Crazy Kiss and I had forgotten a good deal of the plot so, though it is a lead-in for this full-length novel, you don’t have to read it first to fully enjoy You Make Me Crazy:-)I read a complimentary advance copy of the book; this is my voluntary and honest review.