What do women want? Desire Actually.

He gets an email from his wife saying that she wants a divorce. He is shell-shocked. As he scrambles to make sense of her demand, Jordana offers to help him win his wife back. Jordana and Grady go from work colleagues to sexy tutor and student. The lessons are sexy fantasies, sexting, phone sex, and more. Then there is that list of chick flicks that Jordana gives him to watch… good choices.”He couldn’t say if he’d ever made Darlene crazy. Was it the worst thing to admit that he didn’t know? Maybe that’s why she left him. Maybe everything she’d said was right. He was clueless. And she was gone. So was phone sex with Jordana actually cheating?”What was so fun and sexy was how the author allowed the romance to grow with the sexy lessons. Grayson went from a bit of neglectful husband to a hot, passionate, and sexy guy falling for the sexy, fun, adventurous Jordana. The witty banter, the unexpected fun incidents, and the growing desire for each other made this a terrific read for me. This was not an insta-love.”She’d never wanted anything as much as this. She was a desire junkie, but Grady was now the only drug that work on her.”Then Jordana’s worst nightmare happens. Who will Grady choose?Then there are the secondary characters who pop. Rhonda is the mean boss that constantly tries to get in Jordana’s way. I loved that Jordana works hard, is independent, and won’t let Rhonda hold her back. I loved that Grady supports Jordana’s independence. There is a new work friend, Gloria, who confides in Jordana a secret that should lead to book 2. I’m looking forward to that one.This is a standalone, HEA ending. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review and I loved it so much, I 1-clicked it!