Very Good

Take Your Pick by Jasmine HaynesI thoroughly enjoyed this story. Though short at 10 chapters, it really packed a punch in the sex department!Rena is Ms. Independent business woman who knows what she wants in her professional life and goes after it with no apologies. It’s her personal life that has her questioning who she wants. Grant or Karl…can she have both?Choose…Grant is Mr. Control in both his professional and personal life. He’s been burned in the past by being too possessive and jealous so for the past several years he’s shut that part of himself off especially in his relationships. His relationship with Rena is hot and heavy and he gives her everything he thinks she needs… except his passion and darkest desires.Karl is Mr. Rugged and all about passion in every aspect of his life. His relationship with Rena is wild and no desire is left in the dark. Rena shares all with him even the details of her time with Grant and Karl has no problem using that imagery to kick up the steam factor in their relationship.A challenge is extended and accepted by both men for a free fall weekend with Rena and may the best man/men/woman win!!!