This is about neighbours, Drew, Cat, and Alexis and Logan. Both couples are in long term marriages, all with excellent careers and lifestyles. Cat is the driving force in her and Drew’s sex life. Cat is keen to experiment and wants to include other couples. Especially their neighbours Alexis and Logan.So the foursome head off for a vacation, and Drew knows that Cat will push her expectations of them all getting it on, at the first chance she gets.This story is about so much more than just sex. There is a real and emotional tale here. The characters are very well drawn and have real depth. Of the four I really didn’t like Cat from the outset, she is one of those people who are prepared to run roughshod over everybody else’s feelings to get what she wants. Drew is content to let her have her way, he is a passive person in many ways. Logan is somewhat similar to Cat but he has a little more finesse as to how he goes about getting his way. His wife Alexis is the quiet and thoughtful person out of the four of them. But her feelings run deep, and when really pushed she can hold her own.So what starts out as a fun arrangement, suddenly starts getting out of hand.This is a really great read, in some ways the sex scenes become secondary to what is happening elsewhere in the story. Another great read from JH.