U forgettable in. Love

A charming story about. Cal the head of an organization who supports vets and their families, is the boss o f. Lysa brilliant accountant,who proves herself of much more. The two of them take off for. London to meet with a potential donor donor. A very wealthy man whom they find out had purchased a beautiful painting. From. Cal for. 60 million. A great surprise to both of them. They areheaded the two off with referrals for more contributions. With the area to explore for a few days, the two take off and have the most romantic holiday. They fall into bed and find them selves up to their necks in love.Weeks later. Lysa finds herself pregnant. Well that is a problem. She works with her three brothers who are possessive unlimited. Cal is their good friend. He is. 20 year her senior and is off limits to her. They persevere and come put on top. A very impressive and beautifully written about ever ending love.