This story will hook you! Hard to put this book down.

Wow. Where to start……….First of all, there is graphic sex in these books. Some erotica books are just graphic sex and that’s it. This book has an amazing gripping story that just happens to have really graphic sex……If you can’t handle graphic sex, don’t buy this book. Otherwise, come along for an amazing story.I actually just finished reading Book 2 in this 5 book series, and I just had to stop and write. I wish there were 10 books in this series, and I hope she writes more. I just discovered this author, and I’ve only read these two books, but based on what I’ve read so far, I’ll definitely be buying her others.This book is also a paranormal book. I normally don’t read paranormals either. I don’t really believe in psychics and ghosts and such, so why read about it, right? Well, I’m actually enjoying this, go figure. I guess it’s kind of like how most people enjoyed the movie “Ghost” or “Heaven Can Wait” and other paranormal stories. If you don’t believe in it, just put it aside and enjoy this fictional story for what it is: Fiction. Maybe I should actually try more paranormal books if they are as good as this. Also, it does really help that the psychic in this book really wishes she wasn’t psychic. She would give anything in the world if all these visions of murders she’s having would suddenly stop and never come back.This book is about a woman who was a CPA married to a deputy DA until one night 2 years ago when he went to a 7-11 to buy cigarettes and was murdered during a robbery. She was there and the men took her and beat her and brutally raped her but she survived. Her dead husband became a ghost that follows around and he and she talk back and forth and is still part of her life. Even though he died, he’s never really left her. She stopped being a CPA and has pretty much become an isolated shell of her former self. She has one night stands with men from a bar because she craves sex, but she won’t have a relationship despite her dead husband trying to steer her towards a new man who would be very good for her. Her husband says he’ll stay with her until she doesn’t need him anymore and then he’ll move on……….Anyway, she goes on for 2 years after her husband’s death until one night she dreams about a murder….and then realizes the murder was real. She knows details about it, but she doesn’t know the full story. These “visions” are new to her, so she has no control on how much is revealed at a time. Since she stopped being a CPA, she works at a temp agency, and decides to try to get the murder victims old job as a temp to see if she can get more information on what happened and maybe solve her murder……and so this story starts.There is a police detective named Witt Long who is investigating, and he’s attracted to Max (psychic woman) from the very beginning. What I love about this story is how unrushed this romance is. The author takes us very slowly through the beginnings of attraction and chemistry and makes us readers feel the sexual tension and gradual awareness that begins with each time they see each other. Witt is immediately attracted to her despite the fact that from his standpoint, she could actually be the murderer considering just how much she knows about the murder.Some really traumatic things have happened in Max’s past, with her husband’s murder and her rape being the thing that made her isolate herself so much. She doesn’t want a relationship. Having a relationship would open her up to being hurt again, and she’s too fragile for that. She’s afraid of Witt because she senses he is someone she could really love and knows HE wants a relationship. She tries to put up a wall.The 5 books will take you along for the romance of Witt and Max with each book being separated by a murder that she has visions of and then solves during that book. There are some secondary characters that go from one book to the next… I am commenting on all 5 books and I’ve only read 2 so far…….LOL. I can always come back and edit this as I proceed in this series.There are just so many layers to this story of Max and Witt and the different murders. Some extremely funny moments that had me rolling in laughter….but, there are also moments in the book that truly brought tears to my eyes. There is a moment towards the end of book 1 between Max and Cameron that actually made me cry. I don’t want to spoil it, but it was gut wrenching.So far, I’ve come to love Max and all she’s been through but yet still so couragous even though she still is so fragile. And, Witt, (such a wonderful, loveable, alpha male who I’d LOVE to meet and marry) who is so much in love with Max but doesn’t know how to get through that wall she has built high around her heart.This story has so sucked me in that I find myself thinking about the story and their relationship often. I wish this 5 book series would never end……but all good books do.Once again, these books DO contain a LOT of graphic sex, but as you can read from my review, it also contains a pretty amazing story of love, courage, suspense, laughter, tragedy, etc etc etc