This is Bobbie’s sexy, funny, mystery/ romance. She rocks!

This quirky, funny, sexy murder mystery had me laughing, cringing, and sighing. Roberta becomes Bobbie, after her husband leaves her. She gets a makeover and follows him to Cottonmouth, where she meets the suspected/rumored ‘serial killer’, Nick. Nick decides to play along with the rumors, and those scenes were humorous. It’s great that Nick’s POV is included.I loved Bobbie’s feisty side. She goes from conservative to sexy. After having to leave her accounting job, she chooses to be a waitress in Cottonmouth to meet people. This starts a chain that leads to her staying in Warren’s and her cottage across from the town’s accused serial killer/ porn star(?). She flaunts convention (and safety) in her attraction to Nick. She’s 40; he is 38.She is ‘hunting’ for Warren, her husband, and learns that she’s ‘hot’ in Cottonmouth. Then there is the murder. Bobbie ends up in the midst of it. It was a good twist, and I enjoyed how Bobbie ended up with all that she wanted and more. It’s one that I have read more than once.