These Maverick Billionaires Are Something Else! A “Must Read!”

I have raved about their books before and my feelings keep expanding with their latest story about the incredible Maverick Billionaires. These ladies’ gift for writing about romance and love so exquisitely, keeps them at the top of the best seller lists!Evan Collins and Paige Ryan have been friends for ten years. Meeting in college, their remarkable personalities suited each perfectly, providing a shelter and stimulus to move forward with their dreams. While Paige’s feelings for Evan evolve into a poignant love, he becomes bewitched by her younger sister Whitney. With a darkness keeping Evan in thrall, he is unable to distinguish the ugly reality that becomes his life when he marries Whitney. In the deepest recesses of his heart, he realizes his mistake, but is unsure how to bring balance back into his life.In a gloriously fluid way, we are moved along this tale of second chances, as secrets are revealed, along with betrayals. Sensitively told, with unbridled passion, this is a must read! Kudos ~ Bravo ~ now I’m counting the days until Daniel’s story, Book 5, is available.