The story totally grabbed me.

I previously had read this author’s books and had got away from them when I got too busy to enjoy reading. This is the first book of her’s I’ve read in a long time and I’m so glad I’ve refound this author.I felt this story is somewhat melancholy until the Hawaii trip where Tricia and David really reconnect. I could not figure out how the author would take two so different people and find a way for them to fit. She is such a extrovert and while he is not an introvert, he sure isn’t out there like she is. I felt so bad for him for all the years that he did what was right but was somewhat unhappy. He totally lived a life nothing like he would have choose, example being the dinner parties etc. I was glad to see how the author resolves the issues with the boss and his kids. I also liked the way the author ended with both being totally honest with each other. Now I have to go back and catch up with other books by this author.