The story ‘grew’ on me as I read. Pretty good read after all.

I’ve read a couple other ‘Maverick’ stories and found that they all have a ‘slow to build’ factor, for me anyway. The two main characters, Paige and Evan, have baggage galore between them. Friends forever and Paige has evidently loved Evan all that time, but, wound up taking a back seat to her conniving sister, Whitney. Evan and Whitney marry, not a good move on his part, and Paige stayed in the background but always there to support Evan when he needed it. That’s all I will say on that because anything else will spoil it for a new reader. It’s a little intense most of the time as there’s a lot of psychological explanations here and there, but the love that slowly comes to the forefront is worth reading. There are sexual situations that don’t leave anything to the imagination but not so bad as to spoil the story, not really. They are easily skimmed over without losing the story if you need to. I only have one thing that I wish had been expounded on. The scene in the lawyer’s office, the confrontation between Whitney and Evan and their lawyers. I really wanted to see Whitney ‘skewered’ a lot more! If ever there was a scene that could be revenge worthy, that was it! LOL. But, this story was good, family/families, loyalty, forgiveness, healing and love prevailing for all the right reasons. It’s a standalone with references to others to come, and a HEA that makes it very recommendable.