The Game of Love Has Never Been This Hot!

Hot. Fun. Naughty. Having read “The Principal’s Office” back a while ago, I was tickled to find “The Naughty Corner” on my B&N release shelves and the tag line “Let’s Misbehave” (a favorite Cole Porter song) was all I needed to see. This book filled an oddly balmy December Saturday while I recovered from my cold, and if I hadn’t had a fever before? The “punishments” meted out by the “Coach”, Gray, upon Lola sent my temperature soaring! Desperate to keep her Machiavellian twin nephews occupied and out of trouble, Lola enrolls them in Gray Barnett’s summer football prep camp. They hate it and they show it. When Gray threatens to throw them out, Lola says she’ll do anything. And because Gray’s temperature wasn’t the only thing rising at meeting the sexy brunette, he makes her an offer she can refuse – but she doesn’t want to. Visits to the “naughty corner” become heated and addictive and when the couple stops needing an excuse to get down and dirty and indulge their kink, it’s enough to blow the house down. But there’s someone watching and that watcher has it in for Lola and is letting her know she’s going to be made to pay. What’s up with her nephews and their weird behavior? Who’s the mysterious friend “Arby” who seems to be leading them astray? How will Lola forget the Coach who’s got her tied up in knots – in the very best way – when the six weeks of summer camp is over? And how can Grey work out the issues with his son and his ex without losing Lola? Pack a bag and head to camp with Lola and the Coach and you are guaranteed a very hot escape.