The first book of the Courtesans Tales Series – No one writes sweeter sexually charged stories!

If you like short erotic romance stories about contemporary women living out extraordinary dreams, this is your author and series. No one writes sweeter stories about sexually charged “regular” women than Jasmine Haynes. The nine “novellas” have been released in a variety of ways. I discovered them in 3 books of 3: Yours for the Night, Hers for the Evening and Mine Until Morning. They were released in that standard “contemporary woman’s romance” size paperback but now I see you can get them on Kindle. The covers of these books are stunning. Each story is unique. Some are page-turners and you won’t be able to put them down. All have a lot of heart. Jasmine shows us how any of us, in the course of a normal day, can find a wild dream come true just around the corner.