Sweet Tender Healing Love

I love this series. Each set of characters are so likable, believable and multilayered. Who wouldn’t be stunned when his supposedly loving wife admits she lied about three pregnancies and three miscarriages? Not to mention permanently fixing it so she would never have children. Whitney has been a snake throughout the series, though we’ve only seen touches of it here and there. Evan has every right to be devastated by his wife’s duplicity. Hooray for him for kicking her to the curb. Thankfully, Paige is there to pick up the pieces. It was always so apparent that she loved him but never acted on those feelings. Now, once again, she’s there to help him deal with not one but two major life crises. She is so gentle, sweet, kind and understanding. Just what Evan has always needed but never really saw her past the best friend place she had in his life.These stories are so heartwarming. The Mavericks are so sexy, yet down to earth. Their humble beginnings have shaped their lives but never stopped them from really being successful. I am looking forward to Daniel’s story..