STEAMY. A Must Read!!!!

Taylor has been a widowed mother of 2 for 3 years when her husband Lou died in a work related accident. Taylor is grateful for all of the support she receives from her in-laws but, she also feels torn because she is tired of being alone and is ready to start dating again.Taylor decides that she is going to go to a bar and pick up some random guy just to feel some relief. While at the bar, her brother-in-law Jace (her husbands youngest brother) see her and is not too happy with her flirting or her attire and decides to get her out of there and makes her go home. Jace decided that he would give her what she needed if she promised not to go out to anymore bars looking for random guys. She promised and they decided that it would only happen one time but, even as they said it, they knew that it wasn’t true.Once it turned into more than a fling, they knew that this could tear his family apart and they had to decide if it was worth the risk.I would definitely recommend this book. It had a great and easy to follow storyline and it was well written.